Study a specific recipe from a book

Ever study a book to learn a specific recipe, and have to presumably read the whole book 10 times to get to it? Hmmmm…
It would be great for immersion and gameplay to be able to choose a specific recipe to study, perhaps the more time you spend, the closer you get to learning it. (dependent upon skill?)
It might also be nice to learn at varying rates based on intelligence and similar known recipes, after all, how many reloaded bullets do you need to know how to make before you just know how to reload almost everything…?

I liek. +1.

This is a great idea.

This is a great idea. I support this!

Yes please!

especially with the craft nerfing


Some recipes should be “unlearnable.” Like, who’s going to be able to craft advanced electronics from memory? Rather, the books should function as tools that are employed while crafting. Also appropriate for food items since no one needs to study a cook book for hours in order to memorize how to make a vegetarian pizza… you just open the book and follow the directions when you want to make it.

Got my support for sure. Every time im trying to get a certain recipe and im just not i go from >=D to =| to D= to FUCK THIS imma go eat some pork sticks

I actually kinda dig this.

Not a bad idea, I like the second example more than the first though, you’d be surprised what someone really skilled at something can do from memory. Obviously there might be issues with making advanced circuitry at all by hand, but that’s a tooling issue, not a skill issue.
So in general it’d be more like having two stages of learning the recipe, if you reach the first stage you can perform the recipe while referencing the book, but at some point you can master it, at which point you can do it from memory. as per your first example, some recipes might be too advanced to ever fully master.