Ultimate Challenges

What kind of challenges have you thought up that might be hard to actually code for a actual start.

Ideas like starting in an anthill but you can’t fight at ALL but you get all the speed and dodge aiding mutations or cbms with a certain point limit (using debug as they all should).

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Another I thought up was to debug your self the maximum crafting stats (fabrication, electronics, mechanics, survival and tailoring) give your self also a toolset cbm a few dozen batteries and an alcoholic power supply for cbms then give yourself two bottles of cheap wine (about 400 servings/uses) then teleport yourself into a secure electronics store (has metal bars on the windows). You must then use only the materials inside of the store to build a means to escape both the store and the horde that WILL form due to the alarms on the building.
Restrictions: No combat of your own(running things over in a car is fine as is smashing things) and no lock picking the doors open you must break out or teleport or what have you out.
Win condition: if you escape the store and the horde alive then you win(escaping the horde means that NO zombies can be seen and none have been seen for 2 hours)
Lose condition: death by any cause or becoming trapped by any cause (this would be reporting into a closed cave sort of deal)

Challenge - Disabled
You have been disabled your entire life, or because of some event. But the moans are getting closer, and you can only imagine that the monsters are going from 1 room to the next…
Starts in Hospital

Wheelchair Victim(+0) - You have a broken leg, and have had to rely on a wheelchair to get around.

Broken Bones (+4) - You had an accident of some sort, and your 4 limbs are broken. You should probably get STEM Cell treatment.

Burned (+0) - You are a victim of a fire, and prolonged exposure gave you permanent burns. You are a shadow of your former self.
Starts with ugly, and pain resistant

Mentally ill (+4)- You never were like the others. You were different, and one visit to the hospital showed you just how different you were. Treatment was about to begin, but then everything changed.
Starts with: Chemical Imbalance, Mood swings, Schizophrenic

Quadriplegic(+8) - You have lost all 4 limbs from some accident. You have always had to rely on others to get around and provide for you. But with new Stem Cell technology, you could replace those likbs, assuming you could find one.
Starts with: Arms and legs lost,

Toddler/Smart Child(+2) - Your parents are nowhere to be seen… Where could they be? The scary people are coming!
Starts with: Small, 4 strength, cannot raise starting skills beyond 3

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Are there any other restrictions or is it just super bad start being the challenge?

One of the most frustrating challenges would be to take your starting NPC anywhere you go, and you can’t say him to stay here awhile. If NPC dies, you lose.

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That sounds hardcore and kinda sadistic. Like it!


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Glass Bones Challenge

Debug - 1 Power Storage, Joint Torsion Ratchet and Repair Nanobots.

Traits - Self-Aware, Fragile, Slow healer and Imperceptive healer.

Stats - 4/8/8/8

Repair nanobots must be active all the time, you CANNOT heal by any other means, the goal is to survive as long as you can.

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Got to say the ideas that are rolling are sadistic and painful. Love it! These are all how a challenge should be.

  1. Play with PK’s rebalancing on.

  2. Debug spawn any melee weapon and armor you want. Heavy power armor is allowed.

  3. Debug spawn a cyberdemon.

  4. Kill the cyberdemon in melee.

Whoever manages to do that without abusing anything like time dialation has something big to brag about.

Directional EMP cbm?

Despite having “cyber” in its name the cyberdemon in fact is not a robot so the directional EMP cbm is unlikely to help you.

Mini flamethrower cbm?

Broadsword with a style? Being a tentacled mutant with 8 in unarmed combat and melee?

Mini flamethrower hardly scratches it before you die.

8 tentacled mutant with 8 in melee and unarmed fails to penetrate its armor.

Broadsword + Fencing actually does a lot of damage before it takes you down but still not quite enough.

Naked with uncanny dodge cbm and the dodge style martial art (forget the name).

I think stun spam canc- I mean dragon style should be able to wittle it down unless it has some sort of stun resistance.

And also with the electroshock unit to get through the armor.

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Clown with 40 strength and 10 in unarmed(explodes zombies in one hit) but have dexterity of 2 so you can’t hitter broadside of a barn and max dodge so it doesn’t obliterated you in the first round.

I think you mean Zui Quan? Probably not the best choice for this, having 100 dodges per turn is great against hordes, but is 99 more than you need in a one-on-one fight with a brute. Dragon style might be the best choice.

With high melee skill, you get counters to! Zui Quan is great for crowd-control but not very effective on single enemies.