"Challenge" Idea

So… its not much of a challenge but i had an idea for a “challenge”:
-Start with all points into madness-based traits and Melee.
-You cant make Weapons at all or use found weapons, you have to use artifacts.
-once a week, summon a atrifact using the debug menu.
-Start with one artifact.
Tell me your thoughts on this “challenge”.

The only way to find out is to give it a try, some artifacts are pretty nasty though :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fixed “challenge” details

I’ll added, how I tend to set these up is I’ll do some or all of the following catagories:
The flavour for the challenge, why your survivor is doing what they are doing and/or the situation leading up to it.

Required Mods
What (if any) mods are required to do the challenge.

Required Traits
What (if any) traits are required to be taken for this challenge.

Required Skills
What (if any) skills are required to be taken for this challenge.

The cans and cannots of the challenge, what must you do, what traits/skills/items are prohibited etc

And finally, when is the challenge completed successfully.

Not all of these will always be applicable but it helps really outline what you have in mind.

Required Mods
Whatever mods you want!

Required Traits
Scizophrenia, Pyromaniac, Pychopath.
(Use any other traits, your just required to use these.)
Required Skills
Any extra points into melee.

You Cannot Use weapons that are not artifacts,
Summon a artifact every week, start with one artifact,
Use of armor is not restricted.

Just see how long you can survive without using Guns/Proper weapons like swords or hammers.

Laughs in artifact sword

But on a more serious note, quite a few traits count as “madness traits”, Scizophrenia obviously, Pyromaniac too I guess, what about psychopath? or moodswings? etc You see my point? Is an unarmed martial arts allowed? If so then the goal is basically indefinite as that serves you fine as you main fighting ability. What counts as “melee skills” does dodge? can I just stack that? etc etc

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I think melee skills counts as anything relating to melee combat.

I feel like they should have martial arts work with artifacts.

Wait… i just realised i revealed my alt account by accident

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It would be nice and you wouldn’t of if you hadn’t said anything :stuck_out_tongue:

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Have. Wouldn’t have.