Ultica Tileset update thread

“pseudo 16 bit” just means it looks 16 bit but actually isn’t.

To find stuff in GitHub go to “view code” and navigate through the file folders. Things are in pretty normal spots, zombies go in the monster folder. I don’t remember if I’ve uploaded my zombies yet, I could do that in a moment.

If you don’t know how to use GitHub, you could just post them here and I’ll check them out.

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I don’t know if my stuff looks 16 bit or not, How exactly would I be able to tell that?
I hope my stuff is adequate and fits enough. I tried to make a brown pig rather than a pink one, but I just couldn’t get the color right for that.

It’s just the name of the style so if it looks like it fits, it’s probably 16 bit.

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Strictly speaking there is no easy way to tell. You would need to use a color pallete with less than 256 colors for sure, but otherwise theres little limitation.

8-bit art (say for a NES game) has some clearer limitations, which are as follow:

Screen size: 256x240
Active Limit: 64
Backdrop Limit: 960
Color Limit: 56
Colors per sprite: 4 (including transparent color)
Backdrop size:8x8 or 16x16
Sprite Size: 16x16 or 24x24
No more than 16 colors can be on-screen at once
Nes Palette: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs31/f/2008/221/3/c/the_NES_palette_by_erik_red.png

Gotten from here: https://www.create-games.com/article.asp?id=2215

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Just gonna leave this here for tonight.


Doors, windows and walls on the sides look like fat triangles tho.


That staircase is bloody terrifying. The whole thing looks damn good though.


Who says that a bad thing, I’d prefer THICC triangles though.

Wow, I thought this was just a simple break, not a whole entire new Tileset, love the absolute hell out of it though.

I guess I’ll join in with some sprites here and there when I’m not working.

Already added some in my fork (mutations)

Mutations are particularly easy because of the simple body sprites. No faces, weird angles, body size isn’t too large. Pretty much can change the body color to accomodate certain mutations.

Don’t know how to make wings though, I’ll leave that to someone who can make them for now.

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As soon as I have access to my actual computer, I shall try and figure out how to Github enough to give you my pig, paper, and gallon jug.
It might be a good idea to at least change the piece of paper pixel art at some point, as I couldn’t manage to get the design I wanted.
I hope they are adequate. Looking at your stuff from the pictures, they don’t seem to 100% fit, but it’s better than nothing. At least it might be used as a basis for an upgrade later on.

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https://discord.gg/kAXNZuy I’ve also started up a discord for people who want to contribute or follow development


It shall be done. I may soon see you on the other side.
May the fork be with you, in these endevours of artistic creation.

Usually, although an Amiga could use some trickery to display 4096 colors at once. It was not often used for games, though.

Care to elaborate as to what you mean by all that?

The Amiga was a 16-bit machine, and the 16-bit era was characterized by palettes of 256 colors or less. The Amiga was an exception to that rule, because it had a special “Hold and Modify” (or HAM) mode that could show 4096 colors on screen at once, by having the blitter switch the palettes around as the screen was being drawn.
It wasn’t often used for games because it was a bit tricky to program and could lead to some visual artifacts. Most games settled for a 16 or 32 color palette and used the Amiga’s blitter for other effects, instead of devoting it to the HAM display.
This is an animation that used it:


This looks fantastic! I’ve noticed a problem in other tile sets for when an item is equipped or worn that there is not a tile for (items from mods mostly) in that nothing is displayed. Would it be possible to have a default item displayed for an item missing a proper tile? Like say if a mod added a rifle and a proper tile couldn’t be found to be displayed, it would display a default rifle item tile?

There’s kind-of support for that in JSON, (“looks_like” will replace the tile for something that doesn’t have a tile defined with the thing that it “looks_like”) but that’s the mod author’s responsibility, not the tileset makers.

The only real mod support I personally plan on is to make sure there are lots of resources for people to imitate the art style of the tileset. It’ll be up to other artists to support mods.

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Sorry to necro, but i just wanted to say how awesome this looks and hold out hope that somebody necros the project :smiley: