Ultica Tileset update thread

With the tileset problems we’ve been facing, I’ve revived and done a lot more work on this project. Thanks to the scripting assistance of mlangsdorf and ralreegorganon, it’s almost ready for an in-game prototype. This will still be missing tons of images of course!

Art mock-up

Progress shot of in-game tileset

Any contributions either to github (https://github.com/I-am-Erk/CDDA-Tilesets) or via discord (https://discord.gg/kAXNZuy) would be welcome. I need artists, even novice ones can help a little, but right now we also need some very simple json work just to tell the game which sprites go with which item ID. This is incredibly simple work anyone could help with!


beautiful. looking forward for this.

I love it! Thanks for your hard work on this!

Ill be keeping a close eye on this. Looking good.

Is that a fungaloid? Hmmm, I think I like it.

Cool tileset, needs some work but what you have looks really high quality… Please keep it up.

Between improving looks_like support in the main game and getting some basic tiles done, things are coming right along.

I’m almost ready to merge a demo into the main game. Basically just gotta slam in some filler art for vehicle parts so they’re usable.


any reason why the PC looks like that?, the ones from previous images look way cooler.
But damn, those trees are gorgeous.

I think its the default hairless survivor, i beleive.

That’s just the result of me tabbing through the entire character creation menu and making a female character. (And then putting on survivor armor)
So there’s no special mutations or traits to change the appearance.

Yeah, didn’t make much progress on my own branch because of work and forgetting about this

So the tileset is bundled with cata?

This is looking snazzy. I’m pretty hype not gonna lie. Good work as always Erk.


not yet. it will be.

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I’m hoping this weekend I can put some of the hoder tileset vehicle parts in as fillers and then merge a demo version


A demo version of UltiCa is now up for download!


Awesome, looks so good, excited to try it out, surely it’s gonna be a while before it could replace my goto dead people tileset though.

It probably won’t be all that long, it only took a couple weeks to get to this state.

:grin:. Very well, watching it closely!

I have been using it a bit, and somethings look pretty great, like the trees, water (some rocks), the human sprite, but others looks below average in contrast to these; like the color of water(when there is a lot, like in rivers) and bridge pavement, car tiles, some terrains (like doors, some floors and walls), alone by themselves they dont seem that weird, i hopeits because is a demo, and the good things this demo has, are pretty damn good


As the demo version this includes many fallback tiles, and makes extensive use of Hoder and UndeadPeople tiles for backups.

Most of the tiles you’ve listed are fallbacks from other sets to make it playable until we finish drawing the whole thing. A few (like water) have only a single art tile, which makes them look bad in large expanses and will eventually be fixed by adding more variations so they don’t look repetitive.