Turret mess

Sequence of events:

Vehicle has multiple pulse laser turrets from Vehicle Additions Pack.
Vehicle has multiple floodlights.

Configure and activate auto turrets.
Activate floodlights.
Wear blindfold and go to sleep.

Wake up to zombies pounding on outside of vehicle, turrets unresponsive.

Reload game.

Debug spawn multiple atomic lamps.
Scatter around vicinity of vehicle.
Configure and activate auto turrets.
Leave floodlights off so I can sleep.
Sleep without blindfold.

Wake up to undamaged vehicle and new zombie corpses.

Install atomic lamps every couple spaces on outer edges of vehicle.

Walk around outside vehicle and confirm it to be lit a few squares out all around.

Go back in and sleep, no overheads on, no blindfold.

Wake up to zombies bursting in through walls.

WTF is going on with this shit.

The turrets are working properly during the day ?

Yeah during the day I just drive around with everything that comes near me getting blown away.

Remove all atomic lamps.
Remove all floodlights.
Install headlights facing outward on every external square of vehicle.
Sleep, no blindfold.

Wake up to zombie banging on wall.
Was up all night messing with lights, it’s like 1pm.

Why aren’t my turrets shooting things? Except when I scatter atomic lamps on the ground outside the vehicle I guess.

I have no idea what’s going on at this point.

Wait is the field of vision for a turret constrained the same as for cameras? I mean I guess that would make sense. Okay that’s probably my problem because they always seem to bash through at just the right place that’s probably not covered in that case. Like driving around it’s no issue because I’m in motion, but over hours of night time it’s not hard for one to wander into just the right spot.

In that case there’s no “bug” but seriously this game needs to realize WTF a roof is. A floodlight/camera/whatever in the middle of the roof shouldn’t be blocked by the walls of the vehicle.

Obviously a planned thing, it’s just that it would require either 3D vision or hacks.

Yeah this whole thread was just a big derp on my part. I was thrown by the fact that a turret can shoot through boards but not see through them.