Turrets trying to shoot me when I am on the camera control unit

Not sure if fixed in a new version but apparently when using the camera control system turrets can apparently see me and ergo try to shoot me. You can imagine why this seems wrong.

This happens to me from time to time, and my theory is that turrets can see you in the little gap that you make in your vehicle when you turn. Thats my theory.

I was stationary and parked in a straight line there were no gaps to speak of. They could literally somehow see me through my cameras.

were they shooting you or your vehicle?

My vehichle but they were aiming at my character. They only stopped when they destroyed the camera which effectively terminated line of sight for both parties.

Yeah the code for monster sight is weird. Basically its assumed that if you can see the monster that it can see you, and then sight range and light comes into play

I did boost the cameras sight range in my game to make them more useful.

If vehicle is moving. Why would a critter not assume it is just a bigger critter?

A robot wouldn’t think a car is any different than a human if it was already shooting people and monsters.

Follow the logic. You are driving and you parked. The noise attracts the robot to you and shoots the vehicle. Why would that be odd? Even a lumbering bear would sniff your car if you were just chillin there having drove up and parked.

The issue is that they knew exactly where I was. If the turrets randomly shot at random places on my mobile base I would understand the issue is they knew exactly where to shoot and they would only shoot when I was on the tile that had the camera control unit with the cameras turned on. This isn’t just for turrets either now that I think about all the monsters that made a bee line breaking through my rv’s wall at night while asleep with the cameras on(so that if I ever woke up I could almost immediately figure out if the whatever was smashing my car or something nearby) suddenly make a lot more sense.

You were snoring… -_^

No I had sound dampeners on so it was more of I didn’t want to turn the cameras off.

Why waste power for running cameras? turn them off when sleeping

Late game survivor car can literally run cameras,turrets and floodlights all night with how much power I got it to produce. But really I was just lazy.