Vehicle Turrets at Night

No matter what light is available, vehicle turrets have their range greatly reduced at night. Floodlights, flashlights, fire, and even shocker zombies can’t change this.

You’ll understand that this is very dangerous with turrets that have explosive loads.

Looking into it. So far as I can tell it’s an issue with critters (in this case, the turret) not getting their/its sight upgraded thanks to light, and in any event it appears capped to 12 tiles. (vehicle.cpp at 4097.)

I know enemy turrets shoot me at night using my flashlight, and don’t fire if I have it turned off (unless I get inside their light radius).

Yeah. We’ve traced it to a discrepancy between targeting the PC and targeting critters. Apparently the targeting algorithm used for finding critters doesn’t take light into consideration. Not yet sure where to fix.