Vehicle Mounted Turret Questions

I haven’t messed with the vehicle mounted turrets in a while. Someone mind filling me in on how they are behaving now and thing I need to watch out for?

performs Blaze summoning spell

By your powers combined, I am-

Oh wait, there’s only one of you.

Vehicle Turrets:

  1. Shoot at any enemies they can see.
  2. Will only shoot at NPCs once they turn openly hostile (turn red).
  3. Will beep and not shoot if you’re in the line of fire.
  4. Cannot see in the dark.

Known issues:

  1. Turrets do not account for distance from the target. A big problem with explosive turrets.
  2. In the dark, turrets have a sight range of 1 (i.e. right next to them).
  3. Turrets will always fire at maximum burst.
  4. Turrets do not account for dispersion; so it’s possible for them to hit you.
  5. Turrets will shoot at anything they can see, including through transparent obstacles, such as windshields.

In vanilla, there are the following turrets:

M249: Uses .223 bullets, 30-shot burst.
Flamethrower: Uses 100 Fuel per burst. 4-shot burst. Explosive/Flames.
Plasma Gun: Uses Hydrogen, Explosive
Fusion Gun: Uses fusion cells. Explosive
NX-17: Uses battery power, randomly fires regular and explosive shots.
M2 Browning: Uses .50 bullets, 25-shot burst.
MK19 Grenade Launcher: Uses 40mm grenades. 10-shot burst. Explosive.

Much thanks, Blaze. I assume they’ll hit any vehicle components in front of them? Or will they fire over quarterpanel?

They’ll fire over anything that doesn’t block vision. They won’t damage them though.

They WILL hit things that block vision, like boards. But they can’t see through boards, so that’s mostly due to dispersion.

Note Blaze’s comment ‘in vanilla’. He was summoned due to being the author of the definitive mod for adding tons of well-thought-out vehicle turrets.

Xe has nevertheless failed to get it onto Git for mainline consideration, despite repeated requests.