Triffid Queens

I’m thinking about creating a mod that changes how these things work; I don’t really want them to be less deadly to the player, but I do want to stop them from spamming crap everywhere they go and messing up highways/towns, because it plays merry hell with my obsessive compulsive disorder. I’m after suggestions for alternatives to how their attack currently works. Pollen? Generic triffid summoning? Any thoughts?

have a thing that once you clear out the thing it nukes all of em near by?

That’s beyond my ability, but it’s not really what I’m going for anyway - right now I feel compelled to either avoid every area on the map with triffid queens or grab a flamethrower and spend several days wiping them all out in a given area until I’m satisfied that the spawn is culled, simply because I hate how they completely screw the landscape up. I want them to do something else.