Did I accidentally kill off the herd?(Possible Spoiler about Triffid)

I camped in a town near a triffid grove. They produce vegetable, oil, and thread.

Today I went down into the tree house to investigate further. I slashed through a handful of various triffids very quickly, and entered a room called triffid heart. There was only one biollante, and there was nothing else after I killed it. Wiki suggests that “the heart beats”, but it was quiet down there.

Is triffid heart a creature or a place? Is the triffid grove dead now?

I found out where they are hiding! They are still alive! Hah! The deceptive trees…

Triffids, like fungaloids, take A LOT of killing. I suggest a thermonuclear warhead.

Are you crazy? That would ruin the triffid farm! Triffids aren’t a danger, they’re a (un)natural resource!

In order to kill triffids, fungus, or anything like that (ants, in mods there may be others), you gotta kill the queen.

Youll know if youve killed the queen. It wont just randomly spawn outside, for one, you gotta go to it.

I know PK added several crazy types ;), but the vanilla triffid is actually tame and usefule. Fungal, though, is the worst.


They all drop the same goodies as the original, and you can do many more useful things with them.

Eventually Ill buff poisons, and then youll really see what triffids and fungus are good for

Ever tried driving your vehicle near a triffid queen? It’s really !FUN!.

Ever tried driving your vehicle near a triffid queen? It’s really !FUN!.[/quote]

Yeah, that’s really the only dangerous thing about them.

Just leave the vehicle out of range, make the queens a priority (they aren’t the REAL “queen” that this thread originally talked about), as they mess up everything with all that tree stuff, and farm away.

I have been careful with that. Speaking of vehicle, I just drove the car into river. At first, it was hard to believe that the car did disintegrate.


first time I drove my car into the river I drowned trying to loot everything out.