Remove Slime Pits and triffid queen plant spreading ability

This mod removes slime pits from the game and keeps triffids from shitting trees everywhere but doesn’t prevent them from spawning or groves from generating on the map etc. It just removes the queens ability to bukkake Miracle-Gro™ everywhere but they can still kill your ass.
To use just unzip and throw the folder in your mods folder then generate a world with the mod enabled.

I pooped this out in about 5 minutes after my starting city got shrekt by two groves and and a pit on the three opposite sides of the city from me. Me and bob barker were splitting a fatty at the time and he gave me the idea for my revenge. I don’t like the creeping crud type dynamic and already play with fungal mobs disabled care of chaosvolts mod. I thought about giving fungal mobs the same treatment as the queen and just neutering them and putting them back in but then I remembered how much I hate them and decided just removing the cause of that hate wasn’t enough at this point and their complete and permanent banishment needed to continue.

Anyone can use this for any reason in whole or part whatever I don’t care. Like i said it took me five minutes of just looking at the json files until i found where the queen and pits were stored then 30 seconds of copy pasting.

Spay your queens and neuter your blobs. Or don’t, whatever.

Now I appreciate a mod that allows me to build ever larger infrastructure without plants… what did you say, "bukkake"ing everywhere. But I’ve never found them to be an issue. Have you considered applying a lighter to them? The fire grows when the forest does :slight_smile:

I must say that both of those creatures have at times annoyed the shit outa me for various reasons, i do like queens not spreading trees around as they have decimated many a road ive driven down, and as for slimes i think a good fix for them would be simply disabling there multiplying ability’s rather then removing them completely as they can still be used for necromancy and making other things, but ya insert cursing here hate wasting 100+ rounds of ammo just to clear out a small section of those blob wankers.

Agreed, I’m in favor of nerfing blobs, not removing them. XP

Another vote for reducing but not removing blobs. They are my main source of superglue.

Ja. I would’ve nerfed fungi in the mod I PR’d, but others recommended I blacklist them instead.

I think that the blobs shouldn’t split into two in this mod, instead producing a drop, and reducing in size once. That way you’ll always have the same number of blobs to deal with.

That should save his superglue.

Possible, though spawning like that might demand source tweaks.

Retaining the “split on death” and instead just remove their splitting special attack. That way taking a nap with them in your reality bubble won’t lead to waking up engulfed by a horde of them, but they’ll still be a marginal hazard in combat.

ugh blobs

I remember my first time I went into a slime pit my armor was overwhelmed by hundreds of attacks. Thinking, “There has to be a reward for this shit” next chance I went loaded for bear, determined to purge them by the thousands. However,
after that was all said and done, I realized there was no fucking loot. Barely a scrap. You can’t even stop their spawning!

In comparison, you can easily scoot into a ant hill and just chill with the most cost efficient food in the game, along with scattered royal jellys and CBM’s. And the only enemies are defending the queen, which you easily miss if you aren’t thorough.

tl;dr make slime pits actually vaguely rewarding for how tedious they are instead of nerfing.

The real reward is more fodder for superglue than you’ll ever need.

What’s wrong with just having ‘dangerous places you should probably avoid’? This isn’t hero quest, it’s a survival game.

Plus, even a location as dangerous as that isn’t COMPLETELY useless from a gameplay perspective. Unless you hate handcrafted ducttape.

I wonder whether the increase in ‘remove X from the game’ mods available is a good indicator that the game would greatly benefit from a modular-style monster inclusion in worldgen.

On the flipside this would also allow the basic framework for scenarios where goo foo X is the primary or only threat. I actually feel like I’m the opposite to players who remove fungaloids etc: to me their potential for expansion means they are an actual dynamic and thus dangerous (interesting) threat. I agree with Kevin wholeheartedly in this regard: as-is the game suffers from an extremely short (1-4 hour depending on spawn) ‘survival’ period followed by a hoard-everything-and-become-superhuman rest of the game.

But to each their own, right? I know some people enjoy the sandboxy ‘mow down every threat in my deathmobile’ side of the game too. Would be nice to have our cake and eat it too in that regard.

Hmm, maybe I might dig around to attempt a fungaloid-only mod in the meantime…

If it included removal of terrain like the No Fungal Monsters mod, maybe. At least some of the blacklist mods would be more complex to replicate, essentially.

Not sure how your worlds spawn, but mine tend to have 3-5 slime pits within 2-3 cities, a few groves and at least 7+ fugal blooms and towers around all of that.

And that is a pretty standard start from for most of them. It’s just too annoying to deal with constantly.

The zombies are nothing compared to these. Then you have tree’s blobs and fungal growth all over? It all spreads WAY too fast. Slow down ALL the ramp up. I’ve already modded out everything but the groves. It’s not fun.