Dealing with multiple triffid queens

I had just finished raiding a bunker and was driving away when I noticed something id never seen before moving in my direction. what I saw was a wall of young and adult trees making a beeline for me and my truck. when it got within a few tiles of me, I saw what was at the center. a triffid queen. emptied my shotgun at it, but most of the shots were stopped by its natural armor. it was most of the way through the fight I found about the most lethal quality of the triffid queen. they can do what is essentially telefragging you with the trees that sprout around it. I managed to kill it, and part of my truck with a pair of LAWs, but that was when I noticed two more things moving towards me. two more triffid queens. I decided to make a run for it and realized they were attracted to the sound of my truck. they didnt move from it. while they methodically picked apart my vehicle the lesser triffids began to spawn and assault me. the relentless attack was interrupted momentarily by the appearance of three more triffid queens who, like the others, went for the humming truck. this encounter ended, surprisingly enough, in my victory through liberal use of matches on the paths left behind by the queens. once the fires had burned down/ been put out, my truck was still running, so I drove the husk away from the mess. I couldn’t find a triffid grove anywhere near the bunker, and when I followed the trails left by the queens I found that all of them had simply spawned just off screen. where did they come from, and is there a way to deal with them before they get close enough to ruin you?

the TL:DR is, got my shit pushed in by the spontaneous materialization of triffid queens in unusual numbers, can they be dealt with before they get a chance to push my shit in?


Well until you’re considerably suited up, I don’t think you can take them on. But you can however lure them into buildings and set them on fire.

They’re hard to kill with guns. Strap on some armor (Survivor + underlays), grab your reinforced baseball bat (or better yet, an Axe) and run amok!

Just set their trees on fire. Worked for me. :wink:


Rising Sun.

[quote=“IcedPee, post:5, topic:6552”]Mininukes.

Rising Sun.[/quote]

Explosive arrows!

[quote=“FunsizeNinja123, post:6, topic:6552”][quote=“IcedPee, post:5, topic:6552”]Mininukes.

Rising Sun.[/quote]

Explosive arrows![/quote]

Missile Silo.


Park a vehicle with a large external fuel tank near them, run far away, turn around and snipe the gas tank.
(and also kill yourself in the explosion)


so fire is the best option then? It was my first and last encounter with triffids and was quiet a bitter struggle until the matches came out. how would one go about getting close enough to make a melee attack though? I got utterly wrecked by the sprouting trees alone, both legs broken and everything else down to one bar, except the arms which were surprisingly relatively unharmed.

Just light the underbrush, etc on fire and let it handle the melee. :wink:

[quote=“FunsizeNinja123, post:6, topic:6552”][quote=“IcedPee, post:5, topic:6552”]Mininukes.

Rising Sun.[/quote]

Explosive arrows![/quote]