Of Triffids and Vinebeasts (Spawn Question)

Just found 6 Triffid Queens and innumerable amounts of all sorts of plant monsters.

Anyway, I’m playing on Static and I’d like to know if this means that there’s a Triffid Grove nearby.
On a similar note, do Groves continuously spawn triffids or just at mapgen.

Also, how do Incendiary rounds do against triffids (primarily because bark mutation gives protection from fire), does armor piercing matter when combating triffids and what fast way are there to fight the tree spawning Queens before they mess up my back yard.

Edit: Drove across the rest of the map tile and there appears to be 10-15+ Triffid Queens total.

In my experience Molotovs work well against triffids and triffid queens. Triffids because they attack in packs. Triffid queens because they spread trees all the time, so the fire will expand all the way to them.

I’ve also noticed a number of people saying that Triffids are spawned Dynamically. Does this mean they can spawn anywhere and that I can’t clear the nearby map tiles of them? Also do dynamically spawned creatures despawn to the spawn pool (Assuming it still exists)?

Triffids spawn dynamically until you clear the Triffid grove. I don’t know about the spawn pool thing though.

Specifically, the actual Queen unit isn’t the “triffid queen”. You’ll need to go underground to stop the spawns. There’s a freshly written Advanced Guide on the wiki, if you don’t mind that sort of thing.

Triffids are dynamically spawned in regions surrounding a triffid grove, whether you have spawn set to static or dynamic. That means the more noise you make in an area with a triffid spawn pool the more triffids will be generated around you. If you leave the area and come back, whatever triffids the game had generaated previously will have despawned. I have no idea how the spawn pool works at present or whether despawned monsters return to it however.

If you kill the triffid heart it’s supposed to gradually drain the triffid spawn pools surrounding it, but again, not having perused the code personally I don’t know exactly how this works.

Fire works fine against triffids. Teargas works better, in my opinion.