Trench foot

I don’t know anything about coding, but i assume it would be not too difficult to implement a counter that checks whether the player has anything close toed on their foot ie: boots, socks, runners. Having had athlete’s foot before I can tell you that it’s not fun at all, and that after rain or working hard in shoes( not sandles ) and then sleeping in socks, that your feet will grow fungus and they will hurt alot. So I propose a counter that check whether the player has anything on their foot, and if they have had so for over… say 5 days( it’s a video game not RL) they should get the desease for about x number of days when they haven’t worn shoes for a couple hours. Antifungal powder used once or twice should cure it. Mainly this would be a problem for those who don’t get undressed for bed( or lazy people like me).
Demitri of fetunchinni

That would require automatic undressing before going to sleep and automatic dressing up when waking up. Otherwise it would be too tedious to be worth having it in game.

Athletes foot is annoying, but a minor concern.
Besides, wearing the same socks every day would grant you athletes foot. Same with shoes

Yup, this is more tedious than fun.
Cleaning clothes and undressing are not fun to do in-game, so why bother?

Id want the option to clean clothes in-gsme, snd snd change too.

It wouldnt be too tedious if we could set up ‘outfits’ to change into, or predefined setups

Fair enough, tedium should be avoided.
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