Clothing bug? after throwing shoes

I apologies if this is not the appropriate place or if this is known or I may just be dumb, but I’m a brand new player this is my first run through.

I found some steal toe boots, and wanted to replace my sneakers with them, so I selected the sneakers and threw them across the room, when I tired to equip the boots the game tells me I already have something on my feet spot, confused I look and see nothing, I even tried unequiping my socks, and picking up the old shoes, but it continues to tell me I’m wearing something and the option is red(I think I’m on latest experimental)

So is this a bug? Can I fix it in an ini file or something similar? Do I just need to know how the game works because it’s user error? Thanks in advance for any feedback given.

Can you equip the sneakers? If so, try to equip/unequip them.



I did, it claims I can’t equip them…because I guess they are equipped

Maybe light your feet on fire until your socks burn off?

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I mean I could try, and then find a regeneration mutation, or even bionic feet

Try debugging for a mutation that destroy footgear like Hooves or toe talons


Oh yeah. Do as Askahope suggests. That’s probably going to be easier than lighting yourself on fire, and more immediately expedient.

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Can you walk me through that please, I just picked up the game last night and have an hour in it, or link me to instructions?

And side note can it be removed after?

Press the “?” Key.

Type “Debug”.

Set a keybidding


Press the key.

Select “Mutate”.

Type “Hooves”.

Click Hooves.

See Results.

Thanks ill try it in a few hours and let it be known if it works.

Again thank you for the help even if it doesn’t

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Are you wearing a blanket on your character? I had a similar issue once before & just happened to notice the emergency blanket covered feet as well. Took it off and new footwear went on no problem. Just put your blanket back on after - it’s cold outside!


That was it Thank you SOOOOOOO much, wth, why would it let me take my socks off and on but only remove my shoes

Thank you so much for the help, the hooves did not solve it, however Melen nailed it on the head

They’re on different layers. Socks close to skin & shoes on normal layer… Guess blanket is on the same layer as shoes. Anyway, glad I could help! :grin:

What? Shouldn’t the blanket be outer layer?

This is such a silly error, I never could’ve guessed.

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I would think they should be on different layers. Makes more sense to me at least. I wish I had an answer for it beside I just had that same problem once before and my character ended up doing this weird strip tease while continuously checking their feet.

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A blanket was blocking you from putting on shoes. That’s next level shit right there. I never would have figured something like that as I also thought blankets would be an outer layer deal.