Constantly Cold feet?

before, having negative 50 on my feet despite wearing three pairs of socks, here after activating my thermal socks and when I take all my socks off it doesnt change, still -57


Use a towel to dry yourself and wait for the bugfix

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this did it, is there a way to check wether or not im wet in the future?

You can check the morale menu and it will generally tell you that you’re wet.

For anyone interested in the mechanics behind this bug, Fris0uman explained them in this topic:

I dont think thats the only bug. I just died from cold due to wetness bug. But I checked the temp and everywhere inside and outside my base it showed 0 in every tile in the temp overlay. After dying I made a new character but in the same game world. Im in a different shelter on the start of the very 1st day, day 61 or whatever. Already got frostbite and dying from cold. Temp overlay shows 0 in every tile, but info shows Im not wet.

Yeah so I’ve noticed since a recent build that when you load a game the ambient temp starts at 0(F, I believe) and it takes at least a minute (in-game) to go back to normal. You can use a thermometer or temperature check from the debug menu to be sure.

tl;dr - This appears to be a very recent bug. Temp drops to 0 whenever you load a save. Goes back to normal shortly thereafter.

Using build 10865 from a day ago, I have my starting clothes on, an emergency blanket wrapped around me, and I am on top of a blanket in the shelter. Ambient temp shows 0 in all tiles, even after using the wait function to wait 5 minutes, several times. Character is dying from frostbite. I dont know, my ambient temp doesnt seem to fix like yours does.
EDIT:Just updated to 10871 and the problem still seems to persist. I have noticed the ambient temp in the basement is alternating 3 and 4 in every tile, but upstairs its all 0’s.
EDIT+1:Ok I started thinking something wasnt right. So I made a new character in the same world. I spawned in an Evac Shelter I had used from an old character, so it still had a bunch of stuff in it. Ambient temp shows 5 and 6 in each tile. So either something is wrong with the last character I made (he was brand new) or some part of my world is being frozen lol.

The only suggestion I can make is to try moving around a bit? But even if that works this is apparently a pretty severe game breaking bug. My character is near impossible to kill at this point, so I didn’t experience any ill effects from this. Seemed like a minor issue, but apparently not. This probably warrants posting an issue if there isn’t one already. I can at least confirm that ambient temp starts out at zero (or something close) on load, everywhere. It’s definitely not a character issue, unless somehow character data influences ambient temperature.

Edit: Tested again and walking around a decent distance fixed it for me (still game breaking for starting chars, etc). Kinda wish I could get the bug to persist longer, would help with mi-go towers.

Well this might indeed be the case, based on 38057. (Though that particular issue has been closed) The temperature mechanics are, ummm, funny. At least from what I can tell.

Well I noticed alot of missing books and items in that bunker so I erased the world and started from scratch. Everything seems fine now