Translation Moon Phases

Hello there!
Im a german player, and i would like to translate the moon phases into german because i can’t get used to the english spelling.
My problem is i can’t find the position in the files where the moon phases are…
Can anyone give me a hint where to find them…?!

Here’s some doc on how to contribute to the game translation
I don’t know how to just translate stuff locally though.

Source code:
The moon phases are named in the src/panels.cpp file, in the function get_moon() - line 462 as of now.
In the /lang/po/de.po file, you best search for “Vollmond” or “Full moon” and you should find all the relevant, non translated moon phases in it’s proximity.
As for actually working with Transifex - it seems like they are already translated by now; did you figure it out?

Thanks for the info!
I logged into Transifex and translated it. Seems to me that i like to translate a few things more, there are only 259284 words left in german :rofl:

Well, get to it :laughing: !
If you get one word done each second you’ll be done in only 5 hours and 22 minutes…

Not that I have any right to criticize your translation since I was/am too lazy to do it myself or even register an account, but…
“1. bis 4. Viertel” ist für den Laien vielleicht ein wenig schwer zu verstehen (oder vielleicht auch nur für mich als Schweizer, wer weiss).
Wenn ich einen Vorschlag machen dürfte: Neumond, Zunehmende Sichel, Zunehmender Halbmond, Zunehmender 3/4 Mond, Vollmond, Abnehmender 3/4 Mond, Abnehmender Halbmond, Abnehmende Sichel…
Angelehnt an diese Grafik:

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Guter Tipp, ist geändert. Grüße in die Schweiz :raised_hand:
Kannst dich übrigens mit nem Google Account anmelden, null Stress…

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