Trait Idea - Bug Out Bag

In today’s world it seems being a prepper is now a lot cooler then it used to be. Now it’s not uncommon to hear other people chatting about this type of thing. This is a trait that I would restrict from certain professions who wouldn’t be in a position to grab their bug out bag. There is of course code restrictions (I heard you can’t give clean water except in bottled form) But the general idea is a perk that would let you go to a specific menu and pick out some items that might be in a bug out bag. Now an early implementation of this could simple be a backpack with some survival gear. You could even have a couple different levels of this trait. This would be a very good perk for those just starting the game too. But would also be good for those starting certain challenging scenarios. The tradeoff being that you would start materially wealthy but of course with less skills.

Bug-out Bag.
-Backpack - +40
-Plastic Bottle of Water Purification Tablets - 40-2=38
-Plastic Canteen - 38-6=32
-Emergency Blanket - 32-10=22
-Wearable Flashlight - 22-1=21
-MRE - 21-3=18
-Lighter - 18-0=18
-Rain Coat - 18-7=11
-Survival Knife - 11-4=7
-Sheath - 7-2=5
-Battery - 5-1=4
-Short Rope - 4-2=2
Large Bug-out Bag.
Extravagant Bug-out Bag.

Selection of items should include survival oriented gear. But also include options for some survival related books and small weapons. (IE pistols) Bows and crossbows are arguable but not sure I’d refer to them as part of a bug-out bag. There was a very well done and thought out bugout bag I saw on facebook and it included a handgun.

A fixed bug-out bag, sounds reasonable for a lot of points.
Picking what goes in it is pretty OP.

I figured if you went for being able to pick you’d charge them out the butt. Whatever happens picking what goes in it would have been from a predetermined list.

Go bag not good enough for you, I take it? :wink:

Eleven minus four has never been seven!

(sorry, had to do that :slight_smile:

Instead of fixing the guy up with some gear, why don’t you just create a profession with some survival and whatnot skills?

Go bag is for the national Guardsman. :stuck_out_tongue: Not the survivalist.

Maybe better thing would be “EDC” trait, which allows our character begins with a pack of matches/lighter/magnesium flint, SAK/multitool/folding knife, bandages, and a flashlight. This set is useful for most of the game and is not OP at the beginning.