Training is absurdly OP

I just recruited an NPC and gave him a handful of blueberry seeds

What did he give me in exhange?

4 levels of throwing, unarmed, and first aid
2 levels of launchers and mechanical

Training took a couple of hours and in the end he still owed me

CritMedic looks at his 6 computers, 7 electronics and 4 mechanics. Well maybe NPCs are a little OP in training
NPCs definitely need to have training nerfed

You gave him a potentially endless supply of food, and you think you ripped him off?

But no really, I agree.

Aren’t NPC’s fairly broken in any case? I just keep both static and wandering npc’s off.

That’s all well and good, but just turning off NPCs isn’t much of a solution.

Not really an optimal solution but probably the only possible one currently.