NPC quest rewards don't make sense

is it possible that quest rewards (except from the merchant from the refugee center) can make more sense? Instead of getting a small amount of training or whatever items the person has on him or her at the time you could get merch or be told what choices you have when you complete the quest.

Well, problem in small, and big in same time problem-NPC CANT give u something better than XP or guns/ammunitions. In CDDA you dont have “true” moneys.
$ unuseles.
Marks-all what u can buy-food, no interesting
01 coins-electronics is good, soo 01 good ones.

NPC that have only clothes, 3 bottles of water and knife cant give u more than “thanks” and that knife.

Problem that u absolute dont need NPC and they help, player can mutate in bionic-beast after 1 season, now all what you need-food, some materials to repair clothes and nothing more. When you mutate in mycus-NPC turns only in your spore carriers, they ABSOLUTELY unuseles for you: you can have incredible count of food, all zombies die from 1 ability activation. You can slowly clean wholy cities by sleep! Just wait when all zombies dies.

Why you need help from that stupid NPCs that cant food himselfs, all time tryed to kill all enemies in they wision bubble (when they unarmed and can die)?

I see NPCs help only in become my food

Ignoring murdering assholes, I agree NPC quest rewards are utterly lackluster. It used to be somewhat useful to get training from them, but now a training session takes an hour or so and provides less skill than reading a single chapter of a training book for a shorter amount of time does. Merchs and other currency is theoretically useful, but not much.

Practical training would have a higher value than theoretical training as that’s not something you can get from books (apart from training recipes). Training to skill levels higher than what you can get with books (or the higher tiers, in case you don’t have the books) would be useful, provided you haven’t already done the quests by the time your skill levels reach the levels where they would provide some benefit.

Proficiency training would be useful if the didn’t provide such a pitiful amount.

A wider range of goods might help, as would being able to place a custom order for some items you may have a need for (from a set that’s based on the NPC).

I’ve stopped claiming any rewards in almost all cases because the training has a negative value (I can spend less time reading to get the same skill increase), or junk items I already have enough of.

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well there is true moneys its called merch and the hub coin, and if most NPC’s gave you merch, or let you pick a reward before you take the quest that would make more sense