Traduction question


i’m working on the french translation and I have a question to ask :
Do the “munition” word in ammo descriptions refer to a bunch of ammo (like in entry 816)

contextual exemple :
5.7x28mm ammunition with 31gr AP FMJ bullets. The 5.7x28mm cartridge was designed by FN Herstal to replace the 9x19mm round in NATO use. Although the project to replace 9x19mm Parabellum was effectively canceled the 5.7x28mm round has seen action in many conflicts and has proven to be reliable. It has very low recoil and its armor penetration is a defining feature.

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edit : added entry 816

Technically, “munition” means anything used in war and could be guns, bullets, or grenades, that sort of thing. In the example you gave ammunition means bullets, but I’m not sure what description you mean in your question.

I quoted (afterward) an example. Does it help ?
(thanks for the answer anyway :slight_smile: )

In the example you gave ammunition means bullets, yes.