Traditional Chinese translation completed

well , as the topic said.

we did it.

you could merge .mo into 0.A stable release

Good job.

you could merge .mo into 0.A stable
Did you mean .po? It can be done.

Congratulations to you, all who helped this make possible! I know how much work goes into this. :wink:
By the way, in Launchpad it right now says there is one string which “needs review”. For whatever reason …

I have a question to the translators: Did you, apart from untranslatable strings, ever ran into technical problems while translating? I mean things like you are being forced to use an awkward grammer, issues with word order etc. If yes, I could post these issues on the issue tracker on GitHub (if you haven’t already done so). This could help to stabilze the multilingual support.

By the way, I do not speak Chinese at all, I basically just wanted to say “Congratulations to you, all who helped this make possible! I know how much work (…)”. :wink:

hi , there are surely some word order issues…

like this …

launchpad 12450 : "on the outskirts of "

used in memorial text file:
“She was killed in a evac shelter on the outskirts of Detroit.”

in Chinese:
“她 遇害地點為 避難所 的郊外於 Detroit.”
^evac shelter ^on the outskirts of

but the order in Chinese should be:

“她 遇害地點於 Detroit 郊外 的避難所.”
^on the outskirts ^in a evac shelter

in English become:
“She was killed in Detroit, on the outskirts, in a evac shelter .”

maybe you could make this part of code like:
"%s was killed %s1 %s2 %s3."

then we can change the word order in Chinese:
"%s was killed %s3 %s2 %s1 ."

I know there’s more like this.

AND “needs review” , we still continually working on modify some string to make it perfect.

[quote=“LazyCat-rus, post:2, topic:5517”]Good job.

you could merge .mo into 0.A stable
Did you mean .po? It can be done.[/quote]

GREAT! thanks!

Amazing! Thank you so much for your hard work on this, I’ll make merging it a priority, and do a mini-release.

By the way, I’m not that familiar with launchpad, if I push an updated .pot file, will it interfere with translations of 0.A? If so does it need some kind of manual intervention to establish a new translation branch?

No. at least on Chinese. They translating on trunk branch (github master) and this is good. Sadly, but there is no 0.A branch on I think branch in launchpad should be added manually. But launchpad translations maintained by yobbo and he left us. So, you need push new Chinese to master and 0.A branches (now this branches have same .pot file) with I can do it, if you ask. Then you can merge PR #6540.
Btw, i send you invite to So when you need to update Russian translation you can get it in anytime.

@xap: Oh, this string is part of the factions. I already had a lot of trouble translating this, I think it is near impossible to translate those strings correctly. You really do not have to bother about this, since factions are not implemented yet.

@Kevin Granade: While you’re at it, merging the Simplified Chinese translation, could you please update the German translation, too? I have proofread all strings and there were many tiny mistakes and one major mistake. The major mistake caused the menu of the pack of firecrackers (“How many do you want to light?” or something like that) was messed up and unusable. The rest are just typos. Other than that, the update is rather smallish this time. :wink:

@LazyCat-rus and Kevin Granade: I agree that there should be a 0.A branch, additionally to the trunk, of course. Besides, I think going away from Launchpad would be a good idea in the long run, but only with careful planning. But this is already discussed in another thread.

I’ve updated the archives on the main site with the Traditional Chinese translations (and the latest German translation), so a fresh download will get you the latest, and alternately you can grab them direct from launchpad
Here are the stable URLs for the various versions (sorry no mac). These won’t change in the future when new versions are released.
Linux Curses
Windows terminal.