Towels in kitchens

Do you use the word ‘towel’ (‘toalla’ in spanish) for the big one you use after shower, and also for the little one you have in the kitchen (‘repasador’ in spanish)?
Because in spanish it’s weird to find so many ‘toallas’ in kitchens instead of ‘repasadores’…

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Often “towel” is what you use after a shower and “dish towel” would be what you call the ones in the kitchen.

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Can we have two differents strings for the translation?

The game does not differentiate between towels found in bathrooms and those in the kitchen (as far as I know), at least for now.
That’s why there aren’t two different strings available; it’s the same item.

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Well, I imagine that’s not easy to do, but I hope that we can have two differents items for towel.

Wouldn’t be that hard actually, add a new item and modify the loot tables to spawn it appropriately. If the towels drying function is hardcoded, it gets a bit more complex but still not terribly. Could also just say “its too small to dry you off like a towel” and then not worry about it at all.

Really would just depend on a volunteer caring enough to add it.

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… and what about paper towels~? one use ‘towels’ but come in stacks perhaps?

Different sizes seem like they’d be doable, you’d just need to have a towel reduce the wet/slimed timer by X amount based on towel size.

There is a ‘washcloth’ item (I’ve never find it in game, I don’t know if you can use it to dry yourself) that I’ve translated like a little towel (for drying hands and face). I don’t know in wich buildings it appears, so I don’t know if I’m translating it correctly.
But in spanish we have a different word for the dish towel you use in the kitchen.

i’ve never actually done one of these before so i’m not sure if it’s done right but made a pull request to add a “kitchen towel” item which spawns under sinks in kitchens. Add a "Kitchen Towel" item by COOLVAPE · Pull Request #46912 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub

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