Is it just me, or kitchens are realy overcluttered?

New world with 0.25 item spawns. One average kitchen. $%^&ton of kitchenware. Something isn’t right here. I mean, 26 knives? Is this secret Hannibal Lector’s summer home, or what?


I just went and did a little inventory of my (lower middle class) kitchen. 11th floor of a 12 floor monstrous Commie-era block of flats, unlikely to get scavenged during a Cataclysm-like event.

Even a dirt-poor loser such as me has 9 various sharp knives, ranging in size from 10 cm (like 4 inches) to a monstrosity closely resembling a bayonet. Not counting my actual bayonet, butter knives and the hunting knife.

A friend of mine with excess cash spilling out of his arse on occassions has a huge kitchen in his suburban house and has more than 20 knives to be sure, not counting utensils.

For me personally, the kitchen clutter is a welcome addition. Not only does everybody have a screwdriver, a hammer and a bunch of duct tape in their homes now (as they should), they also have a pile of useless silverware, potato peelers, whatever openers, chopsticks and other crap now. Makes it seem more… real somehow, methinks.

Only, the situation does not seem to affect pots. I mean, me, a corporate slave drone with hardly any time to cook (not to mention severely suboptimal cooking skill) in a country relatively much poorer than the US, has 7 variably sized pots and 2 pans. How the poor pre-Cata folks survived only with a single cast iron frying pan is beyond me.

edit: Yes, unlike all the other clutter, pots are actually useful and should not be “overspawned”, that is for sure.


it is some a bit annoying but better then being like before when your luck to find steak knife …need more tabel of loot some with less stuff yes, i know who do it NO …so if you what to help start coding or something this is not really biggest problem in game kind low on list

I just went and disclaimed your inventory as anecdotal evidence. If devs can do it, so can I :grin:

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I can tell you that The amount of stuff you find in my kitchen is about the same as in game minus some of the plastic plates and cutlery.

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Now we just need every other person reading this to tell what there is in there kitchen and this tread would really take off.


Anecdotal, maybe. Evidence for sure :smiley: Also, quid licet Iovis, non licet bovis.

And why not. I can imagine that a typical kitchen in the US is supplied differently than the one in Forgetistan and that in Russia, the dinner makes you, so no utensils necessary.

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Yeah, it’s just you :smiley: .

I agree with what was said, it makes it feel more real.

Because of this topic, I just made a tally of my kitchen; 2 vegetable peeler, 4 medium sized knives, 8 small (paring) knives (3 of which with sawtooth cutting), 1 scissor, 6 fish knives, 6 butter knives, 7 steak knives, 1 bread knife, 7 filleting knife (not sure what the translation for that would be…).
Most of them are from one set, some went missing or got added later…
This tally does not include the picnic set… I don’t know where that went.

But yeah, 0.25 item spawn probably should reduce the ammount of knives by a bit - maybe it was left out in the calculation?..

…not the plastic fork/knives though. Who has only 11 or 2 pieces of those things?! They come in sets of 100!..

A fellow fan of catching, killing and devouring various aquatic lifeforms perchance? :wink:

Also, I completely missed the fact that this was on 0.25 spawn. So normally, this Lecter wannabe would have close to one hundred knives… yeah. That sounds like overkill.

Not really, no… Tried it once, but had a really hard time to beat it dead. I just can’t hurt/kill animals*.
I’m by no means a vegan/vegetarian, I just can’t do it personally.
I then brought it into a restaurant which prepared it for me…

*In real life. I have no problem killing animals in game. Also, mosquitoes, ticks and some really annoying (German) wasps, fruitflies and other little pests (aphids, carpet beetle, moths) are an exeption.

The filleting knives find their use in preparation of meat, like separating the fat layer or similar from duck meat…

I won’t go into detail how much stuff is in my kitchen, but even if I consider that the screenshot was at 0.25 item spawn, this doesn’t seem…too far off.
Let me put it this way: I have several sets of cutlery - 1 set for fish, 1 set for steaks and 2 ‘regular’ sets and 1 more expensive set, for 6 people every time, so thats already 30 knives/spoons/forks. Additionally, there are other knives, forks and spoons for dessert, appetizers and so on, so those should be added too.
Cooking/Chef Knives wise I have 2 full blocks of them as well as a drawer with additional knives of all sizes and types (both steel and ceramic), adding probably another 25+ knives to my kitchen. Add to that some cheaper cutlery used while cooking and I’m easily at 75+ knives in my kitchen.

It’s not the 100+ knives you’d find in the kitchen with a normal item spawnrate, but it’s not THAT far off. Mind you that I obviously wouldn’t take much - if any - of these knives with me if I had to flee (well, maybe my meat cleaver and/or 1-2 of the sharper steel knives), so they’d be still all around when someone comes looting the place.

One caveat with this though: I’m fully aware that this kitchen isn’t quite the norm, it’s a kitchen of a family that cooks fresh every day, and we easily have 3 pots/pans in use daily, so you can imagine that a lot of the tools see regular use and of course there are spares for everything, just in case a knife isn’t cleaned or so.

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Hi Hannibal Kadian, thanks for your - not too detailed - insight into your kitchen…
Do you mind if I keep up the social distancing towards you even after this pandemic is over? So… at least a few kilometers?

But yeah, (hobby) cooks, families and other individuals might have a much larger assortment of (sharp) kitchenware. But I don’t know for sure what the standard of american households looks like…

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Aww, does that mean I’m not allowed to visit you? I just wrote down your home adress, wanted to surprise you, ya know? :heart:

I mean, what would you think of me if I told you that my butcher rack still has my last victim…no, nevermind, ignore that.

I’d argue this is nothing like a standard american household would look like, no. Maybe a few upper middle-class households, but those are most likely very rare. Most households in Cataclysm would probably have 1 set of cutlery and at most 5-10 Chef Knives. Really poor or single people might not even have that, surviving on basically fast food.
By the way - where are the kitchens with a fridge full of microwave meals and basically nothing else? Pretty sure every first-world nation has at least some of these.


Um… Ah, awww… How nice of you! Yeah… just come in… the door’s open. And there is absolutely no shotgun trap behind it now…

The future’s bright, almost everyone cooks healthy :leafy_green: :grinning: .

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Oh please, door is so yesterday. Windows are the new doors. Speaking of windows - you really should close your bedroom window before leaving the room :wink: Luckily for you I saw it yesterday and closed it for you :heart:

I tend to not believe this, especially considering that Cataclysm gives - at least me - a bit of a dark future vibe, where robots took over tons of jobs and lotsa people are without work or only with poorly paid work.
I mean, the ‘microwave-meal-house’ (in addition to the well known ‘instant-ramen-house’) could be a worse variation of a prepper home for scavengers - you do find a good amount of basically already finished food which can survive for a while, but it’s rather unhealthy for you. I’d still consider this a small treasure, especially for beginners.

I think we’re loosing the topic though, sorry 'bout that.

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Oh, thank you for the tip. And what a nice gesture! It must have been a real struggle and a bit dangerous to ladder up to the third floor of the flat I live in…

Yeah, I guess you’re right, on both of these…

20 knives 2 of which are very large, at least 1 1/2 dozen pots and 2 dozen pans, 2 coffee machines, 1 bread roll machine, 1 ice cream machine, at least 40 cups (the kind you drink out of that are not 1 cup in volume), 3 whisks, 3 sets of measuring cups from 1/2 tsp to 2tbsp, countless Tupperware, at least 30 plates, 12 mugs, at least 30 forks, at least 30 butter knives, at least 30 spoons, 2 tenderizing hammers, 2 mixers, 5 can openers, 2 of those cooked meat thermometers, 4 tongs, several 1 cup (volume type) measures, and more. Yeah the places are not nearly cluttered enough

however the bowling alleys are in terms of food I got at least 20 pounds of nuts from 1 box

If someone wants to make some alternate kitchen itemgroup spawns full of microwave meals and with just one or two budget steel knives, it would be welcomed with open arms. It wouldn’t even be that tricky, although it would take some finesse with nested mapgen to make all the drawers and cabinets spawn the same style of stuff.

Really we’d like everything to be like this. The world should be full of strange junk so you can find strange post-apocalyptic uses for it. How’s anyone going to build a crazy suit of armour out of spoons if we don’t have spoons?


Liked for the Armor of Spoony Doom.

Really, I would just use the gajillion of available butter knives to make a makeshift scale mail. And the lid of the iconic US trash can as a shield. (Our trash cans have the lids affixed to the body, so no luck or sledgehammer).