Dissapearing towel

A rather funny bug in that when I’m using a towel to dry off, as soon as it dries the the towel dissapears forever.

Version 2137

Windows 8.1

Same thing here, only it disappeared as soon as I used it; no wet towel in inventory.

Also using 2137, think i had 20 wet and used the towel, it was drenched and it disappeared so i just crafted a new one.

cf57820 here

I’ve also had issues with towels, these two:

-Using a towel I was wearing caused it to disappear
-The first towel I started the game with never dried after several days. Don’t know if this happens to all towels.

Pretty confident I merged the fix last night. That latest experimental you’re on, Bonevomit?

No, it’s a few days old.