[TOOL]: mod summary

Tldr; it summarizes the content of a mod in one page. Install instructions here: https://github.com/snipercup/CDDA-Content-Manager

As part of my collection of tools, I created a tool that summarizes the content of a mod in one page. Once you have selected your cataclysm game folder, go to the mod summary page in the CDDA-Content-Manager. A list of mods in the /mods folder will appear. When you click a mod from the list, the content of the mod is displayed, ordered by type.

Each category is displayed different, recipes don’t have an ID so they are displayed by result, same for snippets etc.

This tool is useful if you ever wondered what’s in a mod or if you’re wondering if an item is in a particular mod. This will also possibly serve as some kind of mod manager/editor in the future.

Here is a gif to demonstrate:


Well, now, this is interesting.

Look forward to seeing where you go with this in the future.

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