[W.I.P] All-in-one-mod.md

Cdda should really have a .Md that explains all the mods

  • mod name
  • Items and what they require, activation, transforms if any
  • locations and how they could spawn
  • recipes ( basicly a cheat sheet or wiki ) any books required skills and components methods to make items.
  • describe the mod
  • some mods will require other titles i will make them the name of the folder not id

I’ll make them to in the style of my docs, which might be slightly different in format but none the less the same. I shall pr this as a w.i.p. Currently have it half-finished for the next step I will pr when done this step, seen i have time I will keep it inside GMC until its ready to merge. Only updating through the pr though so it not a mess.

976 lines without adding any info so far, this will be a massive document and not all categories will stay their basic templates and will be replaced as and when I go through the mods


  1. will I add the info to the mod folder as well if not already there

  2. do I need to introduce the document?

  3. what preferred format would you like to see e.g template

  4. would you more sub categories for mods? and if so what would you like to know
    I was planning on leaving out lore from any mod unless part of the description

  5. changes to format even lower case for the sub headers?

  6. Name the document. i actually don’t know what will work best and would like someone else to name it.

  7. should I add category and sub categories


All the information that is not already present in other mod files should be stored in modinfo.json for each mod (maybe some additional fields to store the metadata are required).

Gathering and rendering this info should not be done manually and you better expand item browser code to support it (https://github.com/DanmakuDan/cdda-itembrowser).

Any manually compiled documents will become outdated too fast.

They wouldn’t become outdated fast this is wrong and I highly doubt adding info or taking away from it is hard but all I hear is noone will keep it up dated, that’s a cdda problem. I don’t care anymore.

What is your point? Doing something you do not care about is a waste of time.

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