Tool for loadbaring walls?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to run the risk of your house collapsing while making modifications to the walls? Perhaps we could add a device to tell us whether or not the ceiling will cave if a certain wall is destroyed. What are your thoughts?

I think in the games logic, ALL walls are load bearing walls. I’m pretty sure it’s just a percentage chance of collapse whenever a wall gets taken out. Lets get a joist jack instead. Technically all you need is a jack and enough blocks plus some wood to support it afterwards… That way you can turn any wall into a doorway!

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Not sure there’s much code for interaction between structure tiles, it’s just a percentage chance for each wall.

Kinda wish there was but the coders have their plates full already iirc.

If there’s a logic to the madness, then just a device that tells you the percentage chance of a collapse sounds like a good idea.

That’s the thing though, it’s most likely the game is just rolling some dice when you break the wall. There’s nothing precalculated for a tool to ‘read’. Hence my idea with the jacks, which would preempt the whole process. There’s no ‘structural integrity’, there’s just a 1 in X chance of the roof collapsing when you break the wall.

Aww man. Well guess that leaves remodelling a house to savescumming.

Nah…the terrain editor in the debug menu. It’s pretty awkward and annoying to find the exact tile you want, but nothing works better for reshaping the world quickly. If you feel bad, you can burn the equivalent amount of materials and food to simulate doing it yourself. Way more efficient than save scumming, especially if you want to make extensive changes.



Pretty much how my base repair was going lol