Reliable way to take down roof/floor in a specific area

I’m converting a mansion and want an “indoor” garden, is there a reliable to take out certain areas of a building?

I’ve tried some explosives but there nothing there to hit I think with the way the game works. At this point I’m so fed up with trying to do it in the “conventional” way by desroying walls and hoping the ceiling falls in so I’d be willing to cheat and burn like a season’s worth of food to pretend I lost resources if anyone knows how to change a tile in the debug?

A jackhammer should reliably take care of things, yeah.

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Anything that destroys the floor will also destroy the roof.

I once made a ring of braziers to contain a single tile of fire (it had to be a large fire, so one brazier wouldn’t be enough). It worked, though I think it also created rubble.

Yeah, floor == roof for DDA purposes, so destroying the floor with a jackhammer or pickaxe will remove the roof. You’ll generally get rubble any time you destroy a tile, though. Might want to set up support walls where you don’t want to remove the roof, just in case removing one tile triggers a collapse.

Remember kids, don’t knock out load bearing walls. It can be !!FUN!!.

Remember kids, don’t knock out load bearing walls. It can be !!FUN!!.[/quote]

Load bearing walls should always be taken down from the outside, when the roof is removed prior or with a car moving at at least 100 mph(highly recommended not being in the car).