Breaking down walls without leaving a mess

Is it still impossible to break down a single tile of wall without leaving rubble everywhere? I know the jackhammer breaks down walls but it also breaks down nearby walls and creates unclearable piles of rubble. What about the pickaxe? I suspect it’s the same as the jackhammer, but you never know.

I’m trying to modify my newly found Public works with some new doors and walls. If it’s still impossible I guess I’ll just debug a hole in the wall to build a door or stationary utility vehicle in.

pickaxe unlike sonic resonator and jackhammer do not destroy everything only destroy 1 title and leave rubble at this place but you can clear this with shovel and place door

It does take much longer though. I’m currently working on finishing up a PR which should fix that the inability to remove walls, etc., as well as make many other tiles properly destroyable (and permanently removes those pesky rubble piles).

That’s good to hear. Props for doing that!

One question about pickaxes: Is the roof supposed to collapse if you try to make a hole in the wall to build a gate? Because in my game, when I removed a single wall tile with a pickaxe, the whole room fell down on my head.

for me it only colapse near title near wall whole floor only colapse when i try use pickaxe on floor (not wall)