Too many monsters, too much fighting

I have been playing Cataclysm since 2015. I miss days when I could change monsters’ spawn. Nowadays (0.F) there is way too many enemies, too much fighting. It does not feel like survival anymore. It feels like a war zone. “Oh, I see a comfy cabin over there. I better explore that place”. BANG! 20 acid ants, a pack of wolves in the way. “Hmm… Maybe that LMOE shelter will be better idea” . BANG! 10 wasps, and Mi-Go overe there… And again, and again, and again…

Serious exploring is almost impossible without fighting. Most buildings are occupied by zombies. There is no feeling of “resting”. Even absolute wilderness is full of monsters. I am constantly on a run.

Too many animals too. Enormous flocks of various birds, crazy packs of dogs. Their shit is everywhere.

I really do not want to be negative, but the balance of gameplay have gone to shit. No country for peaceful men

You can still change monster spawn rate, evolution rate, speed and strength during world creation to narrow it in to the experience you want.

As for the general danger of the world, at least at default settings, its working as intended. Zombies are everywhere because people are everywhere, blame the highly populated east coast and the blobs infiltration of 'em all, and the wildlife in between. Carving out any modicum of a safe space is supposed to be difficult.

An accurate descriptor - We are facing a multi-entity extradimensional invasion that’s been responded to with widespread nuclear weapon use and military deployment to practically no effect. Every scrap of flesh on the planet (Including our own characters) is being weaponized by one or more of these invaders, and a couple are working over the plant life too. Quite literally nothing is safe.