Tone down car numbers?

I’ve been using the cars to wrecks mod for a while now as I found it way too easy to find a working car in standard game mode, but but i’m having the opposite problem with the mod where it’s next to impossible to find a working car unless it’s from a custom overmap area (mall car park, etc).
Is it possible to change the spawn rates? Turn it down a bit in the standard game, turn it up a bit in the mod

To my knowledge there’s no such option in the game (yet). Neither for the base game nor for mod(s). But that’s an interesting suggestion - I’ll move the topic over to the drawing board.

The spawn rates for the total number of vehicles is controlled in road_vehicles_override.json. Vehicle_groups_override.json controls WHAT car will spawn when its group is called.

So if you want less cars overall, you’ll need to edit the former. If you want to change which cars are more likely to spawn, edit the latter.

I’m not sure what the actual mechanics of the spawn rates are, so some trial and error would be needed to get the results you want.

edit: it looks like road_vehicles_override.json is divided into sections such as ‘City’, ‘Road’, ‘Bridge’ etc. and each section has an entry called ‘Clear section of X’. Increasing the weight of those may have the effect of reducing the total amount of vehicles.

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Welp, 'learned something new. I thought for sure this was hardcoded. It would be nice to have an actual option in unmodded cdda to reduce (or increase) vehicle spawn over all, but that should do for now…

its not easy at all to find a actually working car
they either have no wheels, no controls, an intact security system, a leaky battery or a leaking fuel

however certain locations do have much higher spawn rates of cars like gas stations and garages
but you could probably go rooting around in the code to see how things spawn

yeah most cars don’t work but for some reason you can find a solar car in PERFECT condition 3 tiles east of a city in the middle of a field