Cars to wrecks_

I made a quick mod that replaces most vehicles in the cities and roads with the totaled wrecks…
You know because it can always get harder.

You will still be able to find somewhat intact vehicles, its just going to be a LOT harder.
Instead you will have to either find/scavenge parts to make a new vehicle (maybe)
– This mod might still need to be balanced to make it easier/harder

Download link:

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Depends on the density of the wreckage like a minor crash on the side of the road to a whole road block forcing you to abandon your car which is hard earn or take a another route

Most wrecks wouldn’t block you probably (unless you’re in the city), but sometimes you can get a wreck completely blocking a bridge forcing you to find another way around

You mean forcing me to get my hacksaw and dried meat/veggies?

Hacksaw? Man, that’s what I mounted the grenade launcher on my deathmobile for. One or two 40mm concussion grenades, and then just tap the gas and shove the rest out of the way.

Let me know if you’d like to tweak the spawn settings in order to make the game harder or easier.

Anyone can change the settings (its super easy), but if you let me know I can upload the changes to github.

Is there a way to make it so wrecks still spawn atleast ammo belt links? i love the mod but theres no way to get ammo belts cuz the mod drops the rounds themselves only