Turret armies in cities?

And I’m NOT talking about the regular roadblock situation anymore!
Ok, I’m no expert at the game, but this seems a liiiiiiiiiittle excessive…

I have to admit however, that I’m playing with quite a lot of addons. Could this mass-spawning be caused by one of the location or weapon addons? As far as options go I have spawnrates at 70% and Wander spawns on.

Anyone knows a solution that brings back normal roadblocks?

Version is: 0.C-26187-g591cc61 (tiles) Build 7111

Mods: Craftable Gun Pack, Folding Parts pack, Tanks, Boats, More Survival Gear, Cataclysm++, DeadLeaves’ Fictional Guns, Icecoon’s Arsenal, Filthy Clothing, More Buildings, Mutant NPCs, No Acid Zombies, Necromancy, Simplified Nutrition, Beta National Guard Camp, StatsThoughSkills IV, ZSFIXED_C:DDA Extra Professions & Gears, Extended Realistic Guns, NPC traits, Prevent Zombie Revivication, Mutation Changes, Classes and Scenarios Mod, Mining Mod, Medieval and Historic Content, Makeshift Items Mod, Vehicle Additions Pack, Bionics Systems Mod

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