Tin cans?

After a couple of days, I find myself having more tin cans than I know what to do with. Do you guys have any neat tricks you use them for? (other than all the recipes they’re part of)

Batteries are about the neatest trick you can pull with them, trust me, raid a lab and you can easily come up with enough supplies to make well over 10k batteries XD

That actually sounds really great. All my late game characters find themselves rifling through trashcans looking for batteries like a veteran addict looking for whiskey.

With a bit of setting up, you can make batteries from acid rain.

Because god forbid we ever not have it. :V

We need a mini-stove made of 1-2 tin cans. It will only contain a small fire, if these are the larger tin cans I think are in.

Just raid houses and groceries for ammonia and lemons. Instant batteries. Really nice for powering welders.

Alternatively, find bleach for tear gas grenades.

Grenades. All the grenades. You can find pilot lights from breaking ovens and lighters.

Given a choice between menaced with spikes of battery, or grenades, I would definitely take the batteries, so I can power my electronic forge and make weapons and armor. Thanks for the good advice!


EMP grenades can be used to gain access to military gear. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I find myself faced with the dilemma of sm. cardboard boxes.

Fuel for fire? Fletching, even though I’m a melee based character?

Well if you’re at the end of the game (you have most rareish things) and want to do something, train up your archery. If not,


Or you can make art from thousands of them, just arrange them on the ground to create something artistic and mysterious, like the Uffington White Horse.

…I have to do this now.

Back in 0.7 (just before the final git request for 0.8) I tried making flour and pouring it into one of them small boxes, and the god darn thick space-paper wouldn’t have it! Ye took yr job, zombie box!

Cut up a few plastic items (tires, brooms, mops, etc…) for chunks of plastic. Burn the box.

Wait, cutting up tires, brooms and mops will give you plastic?

Plastic items do (water bottles being the most common). I dont think any of the items listed here are plastic though.

If you are spending most of your time in town and have access to piles of canned food, drinks, etc. then most of the packaging is just junk, burn it, throw it at stuff or dump it on the ground. I sometimes try and drink/eat infront of the doors of looted houses to ‘mark’ them as such, but you are always going to have more cans and the like than you are going to be able to use for anything.

Actually, you can cut mop and broom into (10) plastic chunks.