Minor things that you notice

What are some of the silly little things you’ve noticed about cata that bother or amuse you?

For me, one is that poison (like rattlesnake venom) has no real chance of actually killing you despite many forms being lethal in the real world, and another is that although we have bowls, spoons, milk, and cereal the concept of a bowl of cereal is unknown in post-apocalyptic New England.

A minor thing that I have found amusing:

I found an item called a “foon”, which is apparently something like a spork but obviously way cooler.

Whoever puts this stuff in deserves a medal :slight_smile:

Wait, rattlesnakes can actually bite you in the game? All they do is hiss at me, even with Animal Discord, but they never go hostile.

There’s a blindfold that actually blinds you.

Very Zen.

Basically everything can be recycled. And if it can’t be recycled, it can be used as kindling. There is almost nothing in the game that is actual useless trash.

Says something about our real-life wasting habits, doesn’t it?

Then again in real life we can’t make functional batteries out of empty soda cans and a rotten lemon so

Not with that attitude

Of course we can’t do that in real life. Don’t be silly. You also need scrap metal, a chunk of steel, a butter or steak knife, or a steel crossbow bolt.

Not with that attitude[/quote]


[quote=“John Candlebury, post:4, topic:9262”]There’s a blindfold that actually blinds you.

Very Zen.[/quote]

Glad to be of service. KA101 wrote it as part of testing the blindness-update PR

Fixing an engine with duct tape. Although I greatly appreciate the many uses of duct tape, both in and out of game, I can’t help but think that fixing a broken engine block with only duct tape is a bad idea. It should take some additional chewing gum and string at the very least! ^-^

Not with that attitude[/quote]

This is how a true DDA survivor thinks.

Don’t forget the threats. If you don’t threaten it with replacement, it won’t bother doing any work.

Some other silly things I noticed was that taking curtains off a window somehow prevents you from opening that window afterwards, and stylish characters refuse to mod fancy clothing with the tailor kit |3

The mop can actually clean up messes. Kinda neat, since I was a bit annoyed at the giant wasp splatter on my base.