Tileset: Tiles Shifting

Exactly what it says on the tin, the possibility to make tiles shift to other tiles if you code it that way, giving the I’d of the other tile and the time it would need to change.

That way we could make basic animations, to add inmersion, entertaining, clarity and professionalism.

What do you say?

Time as in turns, or wall/system clock time? I’d merge it if someone coded the thing: having active emergency lights pulse, etc could be nifty.

And EVERYTHING animations! Man, I love doing animations:

That’s so dang awesome.

And yes! A little clock maxed to 24 frames per second, if it’s posible. Of course i don’t think i’d use 24, but just to be able to make good animations if you want.

I would basically add breathing animations and more hostile things for the zombies, and maybe some smoke animations and the rain would look much better.

These animations I did a hundred years ago, and my pixel pushing skills have gotten way better, I would love love love to do this for CDDA, even though it at least quadruples the work I gotta do.

Nice animation.
And dang you must be ancient.

I hope someone does this. I just want to see that in the game.

Also, tall grass that moves with wind.

It would be an incredibly good addition, and i think it would attract players.

Sort of like how rain already works?

No, rain appear and dissapears, but we want like, be able to make animations. Like the ones Chezzo showed.