Switching from tiles?

So as you all may or not have seen, there’s tileset support for Cata.
and while the current tileset is a great start, I really liked my ASCII a lot more.

I’ve looked through all options & commands, but can’t find a way to change back?

Wait, there is a tileset in the game? I dowloaded Curses and it did not had any tileset thing.

Probs SDL ver. I like curses better, though.

It was a miscommunication that resulted in tiles currently being forced on in the SDL build.

We’re supposed to see an update later today that will enable the option to turn them off and on.

Ahh, ok. Thanks Rivet.
It’s not that I don’t like the idea of tiles, but would rather stick with what works until everything gets ironed out completely

There is now a PR up to add an option for toggling between tiles and rendered font. Should be merged in later today :smiley:

My eyes! The tiles, I did not expect them! Must…find…welding goggles…

But seriously, although I never plan to use them, it nice to see the tiles progressing so well.

Its up to the community to draw the tiles, the current tileset is the one galen drew for developping the tileset support. As far as i know there is 2 tilesets that are currently being worked on. It could take a while to have a full set.

Actually, we’ll probably never have a full tile set, given how fast new items and features get into the game. However, we should have something workable in a few days. Cannot do much work today (Got an exam tomorrow), but if no one has done it I’ll merge all the tiles of the community tileset tomorrow.

I’m lucky I downloaded the curse version then. I hadn’t played in a few months and wanted to see what was going on.

The decision to focus on tileset support before fixing the true multi-level environment sort of put me off following or supporting this game.