Hexagonal Tiles

Had this weird idea just a few minutes ago while I was hiding in my steel reinforced apocalypse toilet. How hard would it be to make a hexagonal cdda tileset? Compounding on this weird idea how difficult would it be to rework the moving system to where w/8 forward q-e/7-9 turn 45 degrees a-d/4-5 strafe etc. I’m not informed on coding in the least but am considering attempting to learn solely out of love for CDDA.

While a neat idea, it would likely be incredibly difficult to actually implement. The coordinate system is among the most baked in ideas for the game, and changing it would require rewriting a ton of code. Not really a practical idea, unless someone’s got a spare year to hash it out.

I was worried that would be the case, but thanks for replying! If I decide to go in on learning a few coding languages and messing around with CDDA I might try tackling this after I get a few months/years of real experience in the game’s code.
Big if though lol.

Ah man thought a little bit more and a hexagonal tileset would be a bit weird when it came to walls, yeah my hopes just got crushed. Ah well I think if anyone ever got around to reworking the coordinate system it would help out a few shortcomings in how the gameworld works like diagonal walls better stealth mechanics (not hitting down on that massively helpful crouching update I’ve been loving) better vehicle mechanics possibly, true diagonal would benefit but the weird directions would still be compromised as they are now.

Subtiles would give that in every way except visuals and would be much, much less of a pain in the ass to implement. Not that I’m advocating in favour of that solution because it’s a rather dirty hack, given the present system’s nature.

Good luck updating thousand of terrain mapgens.