Intro movie

You know…one like dwarf fortress’. I would do one myself, though, I guess id need to get a bit better at pixel art. (I suck at all art in general on the computer, I like holding a pen/pencil. I really should invest in a pad thingy)

If you do do it, I’m sure the guys will put it in.

Pretty much. I know I at least am horrible at making pixel art, which is why I haven’t worked on it. If someone artistic out there wants to make something it will almost certainly go in.

OK, I’ve been messing with something a while ago; it consists of 72 frames, 49x49px. It looks silly, but it can be turned into ASCII pretty easily cuz it’s b/w. I think it can squeeze into some console modes… An important note - last couple of frames are messy, so thread lightly. :slight_smile:

It’s a mess, translucent stuff is FUBAR, and moving at a cross lasts too short,

but you get the idea…,

We don’t have to make pixel art. We can write some kind of introduction to the Cataclysm. A little about the lore. Something displaying “CATACLYSM DARK DAYS AHEAD”.

I have an idea: Making the animation slowly fade into the main menu, so it looks… awesome.

...and moving at a cross lasts too short, ...

It’s a 50px .png, there’s simply no space for effects.
I was experimenting with diagonal/vertical placement of 8x8 tiles, hence the car animation.