Tileset Question

Hi everbody,

i really like cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead and all your work and developement.

I have one question about tileset mods?
If i play with a tileset, exp.


i can´t play the latest version of Cataclysm Dark Ages Ahead?

I have no coding experience and also no clue how hard it is too make it compatible.

ps. Sorry for my bad english i´m not a native speaker :slight_smile:

As of now there isn’t a tileset merge for DDA, however it’s on the list of development options for what people want next :slight_smile:

I´ll try to explain my question better:
Now the games creates the tiles with ASCII Code?
Is it difficulty to code that the game checks for an seperated file in the data folder?
If there is a xy.file it takes the graphic.cfg, if not it takes ascii.
Would that make it easier to make tilesets playable with every version?

I wouldn’t mind an option in an options menu for tile sets.

If someone writes a system that will allow me to add tilesets, then I’ll do so. I’m not going to hold up development for people to write tiles though, so they’d need to be frequently updated.