Tileset makers: a different tile for pulped corpses

As I’ve gotten to the stage of the game where I find myself clearing areas out of zombies rather than avoiding them, I find myself generating dozens of corpses in some areas. Now I’m well past the point of needing to butcher zeds to train survival, and pulping would be more efficient overall, except that at a glance pulped corpses look exactly like unpulped, ready-to-rise-again corpses, so I find myself butchering them to avoid having to double check every time I see a corpse. Maybe just make them turn yellow or brown or something?

Note: I use MShock32.

I’m not entirely sure how doable that would be, as corpses would still be the same item ID, pulped or not.

Which would likely be the same whether in MShock, ChestHole, MShock Modded, etc. ;w;

If you can find a fusion blaster arm CBM you can make a fusion blaster rifle. Then you can just vaporize all the corpses.