How to auto pulp instead of auto butcher?

Do I just need to keep butchering items out of my inventory? Its annoying getting all these Y/N prompts whenever you see another zombie that keeps popping around the corner 50 tiles away.

Or, is there a way to prevent revification for groups of zombies all at once other than the mod? I would LOVE to know because the hordes just don’t stop coming. I won’t die thanks to my power armor, but they keep coming when I’m smashing a pile of corpses anand it never ends.

It’s the same option as autobutcher. Just click butcher over to pulp.

You could just use a lighter on them that permakills them easily just make sure the corpses actually burn all the way otherwise you can get some other horrors.

I lit them on fire but they were just burnt and names were still yellow.

Burning doesn’t really work. You need obscene amounts of fuel to burn a zombie corpse.

I always pile them up with their filthy clothes, light a fire and go about my business. As long as it’s not raining you end up with nothing but ash fairly quickly. I’m not having the same issue burning zombie corpses :confused:

Well then it appears you’ve got plenty of fuel in the form of clothes. I think you can burn them down if you get a raging fire going. I usually butcher and them burn. Then I make their bones into glue using the meat fire. Waste not want not and all that.

I’ve never had a problem stacking corpses on a brazier and setting them on fire. They burn just fine for me. I’m running 8126, for reference, so it might be that something changed since then, but I can’t recall ever having to provide scads of lumber to burn corpses.

Braziers keep a fire going until all the fuel is burned, I think.