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Hey, everyone!

Ultimate Cataclysm, the default tileset, is reaching about 92% “weighted coverage”, ie. if you run into a thing there’s a roughly 92% chance it’s gonna have a sprite. We still get a lot of concerns about coverage, and I was thinking it might be helpful to get a community opinion on what constitutes a ‘complete’ tileset. What are the dealbreakers for you? Where should we attempt to focus our efforts?

Weigh in at: https://forms.gle/2e5venHVabbxHb2c7

Bear in mind that if you just demand we do everything, it won’t offer any useful information, so do try to actually rank stuff so that we can estimate where our efforts would best be focused.


You should do everything and I think that’s the plan, eventually - what you’re really asking for is triage, what to do first and what to concentrate on.

From my answers to the survey in order:

  1. monsters and animals
  2. terrain and furniture
  3. objects on the ground.

Things like cybernetics, equipped weapons/cloths and markers for harvested plant are nice but really IMO are not necessary. You’ll get to them given time and I can live without them til then.

Hope it helps and thanks. You and your team are doing a world of good for the game.

  • Shane

I concur.

I’ll add that it’s important to think about how the tilesets impact the game experience: i.e., I’ve seen tilesets where you can’t tell at a glance if that tree can be harvested or not, or where you can mistake a dangerous monster for a much more common one, etc.

Btw, I’m loving Chibi UltiCa. Thank you! :heart:

I’ve answered the poll, but my view is that the priorities are:

  • To tell things apart at a glance so you can determine what they are without having to examine them, with the priority on danger and harvest.
  • Being notified of status effects is important, and critically so for unpulped reanimatable corpses.
  • Being able to see at a glance which armor outfit the character is using is useful, especially when loading up a save (nude vs heat, armor vs general threat, ANBC vs environmental hazards, etc.)
  • Items on the ground are rather unimportant, as you just see the top object anyway, so you typically have to examine the pile anyway.
  • Cybernetics, mutations, and detailed clothing is eye candy. Nice, but not important from a practical perspective.
  • I disagree with Acolyte Shane regarding harvested plants, as that’s part of not having to examine everything to see if you should/could go there and harvest.
  • I don’t have a problem with varying sprites just with color, but there are color blind people…

If someone makes a tutorial on creating and importing sprites into CDDA using free programs such as GIMP, I’m sure there would be more coverage with the tileset.

There’s a discord server for the in-repo tilesets and the contributors there are very welcoming and helpful with setting up an environment. You can also simply submit sprites there without having to learn the github part. They also have documentation to help people along.

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I’ll be honest with you. Hope you understand.

If I see too many ASCII tiles instead of tiles, I don’t use that tile set.

While there are some on here that will call me a blasphemer and unpure, I see ASCII like sewage. Sewage comes up every now and then, I am okay. But if I see lots of sewage, I start looking for a plumber!

For a while, I used SDG’s tile set. It’s the one you see all the big YouTubers and Streamers use. It was the default when I started playing. It does default to ASCII when something new is added, but it has support for darn near everything even remotely connected to CDDA and it’s mods and forks.

You crank up Undead People, you knew you are good to go. Though, it is a royal pain to update separately.

Though, I am not so sure I will be able to depend on that go to tile set throughout the releases as time marches forward due to things I don’t care about.

Now, Ultica has gotten a lot better. It’s still not there, but I just had a playthrough with it, and it’s playable. Though, seeing iconic monsters looking differently was quite an adjustment.

To get Ultica up to SDG completion, though, here’s what you need minimum.

  • ALL monsters need a tile. In fact, I’d dare say this should be priority one. I’d also dare say if you add a monster, that you need to add a tile as part of adding it or team up with a tile person. Limited recolors. I have to know what it is by sight. This is for main game as well as at least included mods. Unincluded mods, that’s on them.

  • Items get a bit of a pass. Though it would still be nice to have item maker and item illustrators on same page. But if my corpse and item strewn aftermath starts looking like someone puked up a rainbow alphabet, I start to lose immersion.

  • ASCII map is okay and actually better.

Everything else will come in time. Perhaps the Ultica Guys get a “most wanted”? Or an item/monster viewer that shows all items and the associated tile so it can be coordinated?

Keep up the good work!

Tileset Coverage Poll Results · Discussion #858 · I-am-Erk/CDDA-Tilesets · GitHub results - thanks everyone!

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hi, i think that a tileset should includesupport for all the default mods such as magiclysm and dinomod

so for MsXotto+(idk if that spelled right) has covierage for most of dda and magiclysm and some of dinomod, also it has damage to walls covered and like 85% of monster sprites
i think that a “complete” tileset should include different stages of building, should look nice, all monsters covered for base game and the default mods