Throwable matches/lighters

I just had to set fire to a gas pump for reasons and I did the sensible less stupid thing by dropping paper next to it and lighting it and running the hell away. It got me to thinking though, why can we only light things next to us? It would be great if we could light a match and flick it at something, so you could set up pools of gasoline, kite a bunch of zombies to it and WHOOMPH. It could be done a couple of ways, you could add a dialogue menu to matches and lighters to ask whether you want to light something or throw it, which would slow down lighting fires, or a confirmation when you throw them asking if you want to light it first, preferable imo. The effect would be like a really tiny Molotov I guess. y/n?

Shoot a gas puddle/trail.

It’s reasonable, just have to rework how lighters work a little bit.

Postal 2 burnings.

In Cataclysm.


I can’t stop making.

Everything paragraphs.