Throwable Matches

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to light a match and toss it into a pool of gasoline, incinerating the zombies stumbling through it?

All you’d need would be a cigarette, some cool sunglasses, and appropriate background music and you’d have yourself a recipe for BADASS!!!

I have wanted this for some time, a la postal 2. I can’t think of any naturally high-flammable mobs, which makes tossing gasoline and matches at zombies only a slightly classier version of hurling a molotov. I do like my options when it comes to fire.

Might prove deadly when dealing with webs, match flicking.

I’d assume there’d have to be a limit of like 3 squares for throwing it. I can understand flicking a match or lightly tossing it, but if you try throwing a lit match to hard it’d just go out. (That and aerodynamics makes it impossible to throw a match too far)

But, yeah, I’d love to have an option to flick matches into a pool of gas leading to a gas station, for all the funsplosions that will occur.

Agreed. Matches just don’t have any mass to keep 'em sailing. Such is inertia. :frowning:

Unfortunately gross incompetence inertia seems to keep me from hauling ass fast enough to run away from fires I start, so those two squares extra might be the difference between smelling of bacon and smelling of victory.