Thoughts about some items

Just a few things I don’t understand. Feel free to disagree but please explain why you think I am wrong.

  1. Petpack: its volume in inventory is 10L but it can only store 4L. For comparison: duffel bag 6/35, travelpack 6/30, leather backpack 6/15, etc. Is it because you can actually carry a pet in it, contrary to usual containers which just add inventory space? Because if you can’t, that thing looks like the worst possible container item in the game.
  2. Eclipse glasses: their Glare Protection stat is 3, but pair of welding goggles which is made from them have glare prot. 2. I checked in item browser, and it seems the only two items in the game that have GP3 are those glasses and welding mask. Looks like these glasses’ stats are leftover from olden times, or maybe just a typo. Otherwise, recipe for welding goggles dosn’t make any sense - why would anyone downgrade quality of an item without getting anything in return?
  3. Sewer snakes have no skin - says so in butchering menu. IIRC, sewer gators don’t have a skin, too, but I’m unsure on that. Is it just because there are no recipes using snake/gator skins?
  4. Why are vibrators dropped from zeds not filthy? Heck, they should require autoclave-grade sterilization…
  5. Why, in the name of all that’s holy, crafting food is not interrupted by inhaling smoke?! And why does my brazier even make smoke big enough for me to cough my lungs out?

1: It’s a ridged container, think pet carrier with a strap/straps that lets you wear it.
2: Because staring at the sun requires more protection then welding does, I’ve worked with a plasma cutter which is fairly similar and you don’t actually need protection to use it, you’ve just got a fair chance of getting sore eyes and a grade A headache if you don’t, even then you get used to it. A lot of the time when I’d do cutting I wouldn’t bother with mask or googles and just block direct sight with my free hand so I could work faster.

the answer to #3 is yes

  1. zeds don’t use them, they were merely carried on their person when they died, so maybe in a purse the zed managed not to use, or in a pocket. Of coarse its entirely possible it was strapped to them as well, but as is it is not clothing, so I don’t think the ‘filthy’ tag can even apply to vibrators as the game currently is, same as weapons and anyhing else that gets ‘filthy’ but is not clothing.

  2. huh, IM REALLY behind date on current game but it used to be that any holds fire type furniture would prevent all smoke as well. Perhaps the indoors reworks they did made it so they could make indoor fires more realistic as well. You should be able to stand 2+ tiles away from it and still be able to craft with it, so try using it through a doorway or window to prevent smoke buildup inside??

I decided to make a woodstove and move it 3 tiles away from my crafting spot. Haven’t seen even a puff of smoke since. Strange thing is, this was the only time my brazier did this, usually it sometimes generates 1 cloud of smoke directly on its tile, and that’s all. How it managed to make more, I have no idea.

It could have pushed out of the tile. smoke type effects have been coded to linger around and slowly dissipate into the surrounding area when indoors. Simulating the lack of direction for it to escape to. If you get a chance watch how smoke Z and bloater type effects linger and dissipate inside undamaged buildings. The folks who worked on it have put a lot of effort to get buildings and especially roofs to behave as they should in regards to temperature and air effects.

It is often startling how well some of the things in game have been polished and how little seams and ‘Gameyness’ remains in some of the mechanics of CDDA. Especially when the rough edges poke out elsewhere more so than in most games. Its been really fascinating to watch some of the changes and polishing over the years.