Regarding Backpacks/ Bags

Off topic:I’m very new to the game, I’ve got the game running on my android device for portability reasons as I don’t have a laptop and am usually traveling.

Build: 0.C-26323-gc6b7910c3e (If it matters)

I wanted to know if this is a thing in the game. I’m trying to play a nomad, I crafted a duffle bag, I drop the bag before engaging in a fight or when I’m stopping over at a town. When I put the things along with my duffel bag down, they’re all stored as separate items not within the bag I think.

Is it possible to put all the items within the bag and drop it somewhere, so that when I’m about to leave, I just pickup the bag and the things remain within it costing no additional turns to pick the items apart from the bag?

Sorry for my bad English, it isn’t my first language.

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Currently this is not possible. Dropping a bag and dropping specific items with it - or not dropping specific items - is a frequently requested feature.

There are a lot of difficulties in implementing it. One large difficulty is that C:DDA has a very quick volume/inventory management system, and a lot of proposed solutions would increase the tedium of dealing with inventory in most cases while only improving the situation in some cases.

Project Zomboid is a zombie game where your inventory is tracked to specific bags, and dropping a bag drops everything in the bag, and you can pick up the bag and all the inventory at once. But their interface for moving stuff between bags or between bags and locations is horrible, and the kind of re-arrangement that is routine and quick in CDDA - move all these items from this tile in my vehicle to my inventory in a big duffle bag, then walk next to my bookcases and sort the food, books, electronics, medical supplies, and ammunition among different bookcases - is an incredible chore in Project Zomboid.

So far, no one has developed any code that solves the dropping the bag problem without making moving stuff around an incredible chore.

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Sadly. No. Storage works in a different fashion than in most games. Here storage is your capacity of carrying volume and weight, but the game doesn’t count stored items inside the backpacks or storage equipment. Yet. So to do something similar, you will have to drop everything you ain’t going to need in a place where you know and don’t forget, like creating a note or put them in the seats of your vehicle if you have one, do that before raiding a city or if you are going to engage in a fight and they didn’t spotted, you do the same drop what you don’t need etc. As a tip i recomend you to not wear cumbersome storage, you can wear a backpack or similar, there are also clothing pieces that allow you to carry more storage like cargo pants. Also im a newb too so dun worry i don’t bite (:D)

You can, however, rather than a duffel bag, use a shopping cart. You drag it around, storing your loot inside, and when you need to fight, you release it and come back to it later.

Or any kind of “vehicle”, really. A bicycle, a wheelchair, a box you just crafted out of wood and nails, etc. Bonus points if it’s foldable, so you can still cart it around when you switch to a serious deathmobile and use it to forage for fuel and on cramped spaces.

Here’s the project for inventory management:

It seems to me that the easiest way to do it would be to set flags on a clothing item with volume – don’t add stuff to this bag, do add stuff I pick up to this bag. For moving an item or items from one bag to another, one could use the clothing layer interface as a base but steal features from the advanced move. But, I’m probably not capable of producing good code for that.

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I agree that dropped backpacks holding their items would be awesome, but I’m not sure why so many people are after such a complicated inventory system. Seems like it would just make things unnecessarily tedious to me.

This. Definitely.

Associate tags with items and their “drop bags” is the way to go.

But yeah, I’m not even capable of compiling the game.

Seems to me you could eliminate the time picking you stuff back up problem and sidestep the UI issues, by implementing a simpler half-measure:
When the player is dropping a storage item like a duffel bag and doing so is going to put him over his new volume limit, instead of dropping the bag and then dumping items until you’re below the new volume limit as is done now, turn the storage item into a special container and “drop” the excess items into it.
Then when he picks up the container-bag and puts it on it turns back into a regular piece of clothing and all the items inside are moved into his inventory.

This lacks the ability for you to specify what items go where, but on the plus side, you don’t have to specify what items go where all the time.
You’d need support for grabbing an item out of a the container-clothing on the ground, of course.

Dropping stuff that drops when you drop a bag into the bag is a good short term solution.

But you’re going to have to figure out the “grab stuff out of a dropped back” issue immediately, because some tester is going to be wandering around with a duffel bag full of loot, drop it when he sees a shocker zombie approaching, and then demand the ability to wield the baseball bat that is the duffel bag. And if you can solve that problem, you’re 70% of the way to the real solution. But solving that problem is also 70% of the effort.

Agreed completely. Randomly dropping stuff into a container is great until your ammo gets randomly dropped into a container.

How bout making a bag like a magazine with reload and unload or maybe action with the after being duffel bag(filled)

Exactly, we already have the ability to unload items from inside another nearby item and place them into the inventory. It’s only a matter of ensuring you can do that with the clothing-container object and its contents.

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The game wouldn’t be a chore if every garment held specific items. Bags holding everything not immediately on your person as “storage area” in which the player would have to remove that storage garment and rifle through it to add/remove items from it.

Would make the game a better game in my opinion. I personally wear pants with pockets on the legs and front and back of the groin area. Pockets on shirts. Pockets everywhere. Some people wear firearms and knives/multi tools and such.

I’d think it would be great having to take extra time to go through a back pack makes perfect sense.

In my personal build (based on 6 month old game), I did what you are suggesting.

You can just put in / out stuff inside bags via advanced inventory menu. You can quickly access (set left or right pane) backpack on your back (I limited number of bags worn on back to just one) by ‘B’ key or held backpack by ‘H’ key… or you can use ‘C’ key to drill into any other container.

Advanced Inventory:


I did not alter wearables like pants and hoodies though, these items still count toward general inventory space. So it is sort of hybrid system, you can imagine it like keeping current system but having the backpack) as convenient as shopping cart is.

I did altered backpacks, and containers like canvas bags and such. Converting other things is easy, just edit their json definition. Only problematic items to convert would be things like holsters with specific load / unload functions.

I don’t think having entire inventory space splitted among pants, trench coatm etc. would be convenient, so I did not implement it in such way.

I REALLY like your system. Personally I don’t see the need to separate the inventory at all, but the way you’ve done it is the nicest I’ve seen thus far (Assuming you can still reload, craft, eat, etc from the bag’s inventory).

Yes, you can.

(… filling blanks to reach minimum 20 character limit …)

@Robik - have you considered submitting a PR with your changes? What you’ve got looks like it’s better than what we have without being crazy complicated.

Not really, I considered submitting a very similar system 3 and half years ago. I had positive reactions from people who tried it, but I did not submit it in the end, because Kevin made it clear that such system will not be merged and I was not willing to make changes which would be more in line with what Kevin has envisioned.

I did not keep my branch updated with main game after I stopped playing. And when I returned to the game 6 moths ago, I just wrote the thing again - as changes game were pretty extensive.

Another reason not to submit it is that I am not really C++ programmer and I wrote it just for myself, so my code is probably a bit of a mess. Lot of changes to PR would likely be required and I am not confident enough in my capability to do such changes.

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Would you mind making a mod of it and sending it to me? maybe I could work on it if you’re not interested
Unless there is definitely a hard NO from kevin, then I won’t but I’d like to try your system out regardless

It does changes that are not possible to do in pure mod (AFAIK), but aside from changes in source code, it does in fact contains a “HybridInventory” rebalance mod, unlike my old version.

I made it this way, so I can keep changed json files separated from base game and also to be able to turn it ON or OFF based on if you pick the mod when creating new world. This should make it more mergeable, as players who wants to play without it still can. Final word is still Kevin’s, though.

As for sending it, you can just download source code from my github branch. Warning, it does contain small compilation bug right now, as I discovered today, when trying to compile it so I could make screenshots for my previous post.

Or I could send you compiled game, if you are using Windows and want to just try it out.

Either would be based on 6 moths old base game, not current experimental.