Thou doest not even lift

The title maybe be obscure, but my trolling isn’t!

Post funny engravings so others can lol while killing zombie children, so they can still craft.

+1 if you get the origin.

Do you even misc?

“Apply to Head” carved on a shovel. I can’t remember if I thought that up or if I saw it somewhere, so don’t give me too many points.

“I think I broke something” Carved on a knife by itself.

i put “STOP HAMMER TIME!” on a…well a hammer. duh.

I write names on every single gun I get my hands on. Am I crazy?
Some of them are:
’‘Veronica’’ the AK-47
’‘Jennifer’’ the Remington, and
’‘Harry’’ the Magnum.

Quantum mechanics.

“How to start the day” Carved on my favorite liquor canteen.

“Club” written on an Ak47, as, no matter how many rounds I used, the only way it killed anything was with its namesake.

“Rainin’ pain” On a Mossburg 500.

“Dinnerbell” written on an RPG.
“Cannibals Delight” written on my butchering machete.
“Elbereth” Written on a shovel. +1 internets if you get the reference.

“Where my bearings” carved on my pneumatic rifle.

Lol, keep it up.

“Hide your kids.” - Hatchet
"Grab your wife." - Pistol
"Better get outta sight" - Grenade Launcher.

Not sure if you can carve on these items but…
“Home sweet home” -Tent
"Forever alone" -Rollmat and Cot
"Knife Holders" -Boots or Steeltoed Boots

i carved ‘Doom’ on my bow. witch is true.

“Hedgewocks” - reflex recurve bow
"WHOPPING 151 POISE" - army helmet
"M. Arrow, PhD in eye surgery" - stack of metal arrows, lulz
"Property of Havel T. Rock" - gold ring, which I found on the dead zombie hulk
"Outpost Firewall" - spraycan flamethrower

“Hogarth Hughes” on a BB gun.

[quote=“gtaguy, post:10, topic:2503”]“Dinnerbell” written on an RPG.
“Cannibals Delight” written on my butchering machete.
“Elbereth” Written on a shovel. +1 internets if you get the reference.[/quote]
You should always ring the bell several times to ensure that they hear you, I would write “Dinnerbell” on my grenade launcher instead of an RPG, but that depends on how many RPGs you happen to be carrying around.
The only reason I ever managed to escape Rodney/Yendor was by writing Elbereth every few minutes… Naturally I died in the Planes (Where there is no ground to write on, FML).

“Burn The World” -Flamethrower.
“Massacre Artist” -Modded rifle; a rifle/shotgun/grenade launcher, although reloading it is annoying… I’m looking for a crossbow mod to add to it but no luck so far.

“Accuracy is overrated” on shotguns
"Gift to Hulk" on bear trap
"Cure for Zombieism" on molotove cocktail
"Until Death Do Us Apart" on pocket knife

not sure if these thing can be carved …

" 'til I drop" - Kevlar Vest.
" 'til the lights go out" - Light Amp Goggles
" 'til my legs give out" - Power armor
" 'Til the smoke clears out" - Saiga 12
" I will fight" - Stack of painkillers.
" I will stand tall" - Mininuke
" Until they all do fall" - RPG
" I will hack, slash, and saw" - Chainsaw.

“White Death” - sniper-conversed SKS
"Jedem das seine" - flamethrower
"Kickstarter" - sawn shotgun(coolness x3 if riding a bike)
“Micro skills” - inactive manhacks(if 2 or more)
“This hammer is covered with misery and red dust” - sledgehammer
"What are you, a changeling?" - flame extinguisher
"It’s ain’t no place for no hero, ya’know?" - double-barreled shotgun

“To change the pitch” - Filter/dust/gas mask
"To smack the bitch" - MAC-10

“Say my name” - M1911 with suppressor

“I’ll picture your face at the back of my eyes” - riot helmet

“Billy, the bright one” - shotgun
"Tommy, who’s off his head" - axe

“10 foot tall with no sense of rhytm” - platemail
"My wrong move is your demolition" - Saiga-12
"One destruction - no excuses" - LAW
"My apologies are useless" - machete

It’s purely references - games, movies and music. Clearly.